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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Unforseen circumstances

Due to a huge workload that got dumped on me today and the fact that my superior is trying his best to make me look incompetent cause he is so threatend by me, i am gonna have to not blog today- and work till really late tonight- in order to ruin his nefarious schemes for him. It is unfortunate cause i've had a lot to say today, but this is office politics people, and you know how those can be war. Don't worry about me though: while i am no fan of such underhanded dirty warfare, i am very good at them when i wanna be and i have been preparing my defenses and plan of attack for months now. The man will be toast as long as he doesn't get anything on me. So in order for that not to happen, there will be no further posts today. Sorry. PS: but here is a topic to discuss by either posting a comment -if you manage- or by sending me an e-mail if you wish: Dirty sneaky people in general. Some people think that interacting with such pieces of shit individuals to be something that they would rather avoid at all costs due to the kind of stress and bullshit involved; Me, i believe that dealing with such evil fuckers, while shitty, could be quite beneficial for you on the long run. It's always good to be prepared and to know how to deal with such people, cause they are everywhere these days, and the only way to do that is by gaining experience through such confrontations. So, in a way, such experiences are good for you. That's what i think, what about you? What's your opinion on the matter? Please inform me.


At 3/17/2005 01:14:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

I agree Sam, office politics are everywhere. Best advice is to document everything (and not on your computer at work). As soon as you get home, write down everything in a log. When the time comes, you can rattle off evidence so fast and furious that everyone will be impressed.

I worked at a place where there was a guy who systematically went after people one right after the other. I knew that eventually he'd come after me and one day it started. I went into his office and told him "If you're going to come after me, you'd better make d**ned sure your britches are clean. He came after me, and they weren't, and he ended up as the insurance clerk.....working for me:)

When it comes to office politics, play honest, play clean, but play to win.

At 3/17/2005 04:20:00 PM, Anonymous highlander said...

I had to wait one whole year to be vindicated , but boy was the taste of winning so wonderful !yeah being ready and having all the info is the best plan !

At 3/17/2005 08:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, you ask for it. One of the most vengeful , ruthless things I've ever done when working with a person like that was to Deliberatly leave him on his own.

This guy was realitively new to the job. He had a lot of things going for him that I didn't. He was tall, good looking guy that had a Business acceptible "cut out of an young executives cookie mold" look. Could talk the B.S. superiors like to hear. He had them B.S.-ed into thinking everything was under control. HE was taking care of it,Yeah SURE! Oh, I forgot to mention- HE WAS SLEEPING WITH MY BOSS (a woman freshly divorced, he was married).Doesn't bother me working with a woman, this one was just scum. Worked with real hardcore professionals that are women & top notch professionals at that.

There were a few things he did not have that I did. Like organizational, planning, people, leadership & management skills. We had a lot of good hardworking people under us. If you couldn't get it done with these folks,you're just a total F-up.
Accepted this promotion to a job I wouldn't take with a gun to my head to work under this guy after being told how 'GOOD' he was. How it'd be a cake walk, his skills & my experience, "A dream Team".

The writing was on the wall from the beginning. He f-----d it up, it became a problem, I fixed it, he took the credit & put the blame for the problem on me. The boss knew better, but gave him the credit too. After all, was his D--k in her, not mine. All Salaried positions, he worked about 35hrs a week, me about 60,70. Any day the BOSS wasn't there, he wasn't either. Leaving me even more work load. After about 6 mths of this, was well beyond feed-up, but realized their weekness, ME. So throughly discusted, when the time was right. Went to the BIG Boss with my own line of B.S., "the wife & I are having problems (BIG Lie). Somethings got to go & my family is first(not a lie).Love this company & working with you (Huge lie!, Scumbag!),But for the sake of my family, need to step back to a less taxing position,or move on." (Reply),"your a dedicated, hard working man, it'd be a lose. Frankly, you in this position.I had doubts(a-hole prick), you'll return to your old department in the company".

Ended up working for my old assistant for about 10 days when they gave me a position inbetween where I was & where I had been.

The perfect vantage point to watch the Golden Boy's Demise. A MONTH ON,Things didn't go well for them, The BIG-BIG Boss reviewed/audited the place,accompanying him was the BIG-BIG-BIG Boss(CORP CEO). As turning in my weekly paper work, saw the Boss(slut)crying. He didn't fare too well either. Last I saw of them together was in a back room, she was screaming profanities at him that would make the most vulgar of sailors PROUD!
She resigned in digrace rather than face termination. He followed suit,afterwards. It's the simple pleasures that count.
One of the great joys in my life were the s--t eating grins & covert HI-Fives from my former underlings. They watched this game & knew the Real Score. Mgnt was clueless.

They are everywhere! SCUMBAGS!

At 3/18/2005 02:29:00 AM, Anonymous DWMF said...

Chill out, Sam, and read the Dilbert cartoons on http://www.dilbert.com/ . That'll restore your sense of humour. You can always draw some pointy hair on your boss's picture. :-)

At 3/18/2005 01:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe in letting people mess with me and I don't care who they are. I ALWAYS find a way to make them wish they hadn't. I highly recommend that you do the same. If you do, pretty soon nobody will mess with you.

On the other hand, if I think someone is genuinely doing the best that they can, or someone is acting in an uncharacteristic manner because they are having personal problems, or somebody just needs a helping hand to get on the right track, I will bend over backwards to help them be successful.


At 3/18/2005 03:02:00 PM, Blogger Kender said...

Know your enemies and hold them close.

My tale isn't bad, just a great prank. A co-worker and I would pull pranks on our boss, and she would seek vengeance. She would soak us with a hose when she caught us conspiring, (this was a barn at a race track) and we would glue her boots to the ceiling in the office.

We had a man that came through everyday selling burritos, and knowing that our boss hated spicy food I ordered an extra hot burrito for the next day.

The burrito was brought, and it sat for awhile before I told our boss I didn't feel well and if she wanted my burrito she could have it.

She took it.

The co-worker and I watched breathlessly, eagerly awaiting the moment the boss would start to eat the burrito. She finally did, and I actually walked along behind her as she unwrapped it, trying to stifle the giggles, and once she did take a huge bite, she stopped in her tracks and, waving a hand in front of her mouth offered the trainer the burrito saying "This is hot, taste it".

He declined with a look that said, "no, I trust you and I won't take a bite of that hot burrito" as we burst into peals of laughter and had to run from the barn under a barrage of cold water and swear words.

Great times man.

At 3/18/2005 06:45:00 PM, Blogger Josie said...

Wow, comments are finally working for me.

Here's all I have to say about office politics. Always be kind. You pile hot coals on their heads by being kind. One office I worked in, everyone warned me about the horrible person... and I was just nice. Mind me now - SMART, but nice. Never let it shake you. Be nice to them, always. Kind, considerate, professional.

At 3/20/2005 03:12:00 AM, Blogger NBS said...

in my work i am the youngest guy there, i would say about 20 years difference between me and the youngest other person, and at least 40 to the oldest, they dont always see the things i see, and never think the same, but you just grin and bear it and do your job, it may feel fucking shitty and crappy in the short term, but in the long run it pays off and i have got the respect i deserve over these so called older and wiser people.and when they piss me off, i grin and smile and then procede not to go out of my way top help them with their work

At 3/20/2005 10:36:00 AM, Blogger Mike SC USA said...

Isn't it nice when office politics outweigh events of the day? Could normalcy be returning to the ME? Or is it the calm before the storm?


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