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Monday, August 01, 2005

Fun Fun

According to Alaa and Manal there is a demonstration today in front of the Egyptian Attorney General's office to protest the incarceration of people who were arrested for participating in the Anti-mubarak Protests on Saturday. There will be also another demonstration organized by Writers, Intellectuals and Artists tommorow in Tallat Harb square at 7 pm, and another demonstration organized by Kifayah on Wendsday in Operah square at 6 pm. The aim is to inform the government that no matter how much they beat the demonstrators up, they will not stop exercising their rights of free speech. This is pretty interesting because many of the people that were held by the police at Saturday's demonstration were told by the police forces that what was done to them was to stop them from demonstrating ever again, that after that day no more demonstrations will be tolerated. Now, this is happening before Mubarak gets re-elected, you know, when he still has to pretend- for the sake of the international audience- that this elections thing is legit. My question to you is this: Can you imagine the crackdown that will happen once he gets back in office in 7 weeks? I shudder from the thought!


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