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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The story of Kafr Shokr

Here is an example of how the MB is in bed with the government this time around: The Kafr Shokr Parliament seat was historically always an opposition seat, where The socialist Tagammoa party President Khaled Mohayeldeen always competed against the Pro Business Wafd party vice Preisdent Mohamed Sarhan. It has always been those 2 fighting over that specific seat and in the 2000 election Khaled Moheyeldeen won it. Now Khaled, who is 83 years old, got on Mubarak's bad side this year, because after declaring that he would run in the Presidential election, he withdrew because he thought they wouldn't be fair. This pissed Mubarak off, because at the time he really wanted Khaled to run against him: This was back when Mubarak's only challanger was Ayman Nour. Mubarak, who is 77 years old, didn't want this race to be only against the 40 year old Nour, because the age difference would make this race about the past vs. the future, or the young guy vs. the geezer if you will. Khaled was a perfect third candidate because he was 83 years old: he actually made Mubarak look young, thus changing the image of the race. Mubarak warned Khaled that he would cost him his seat if he withdrew, and Khaled withdrew anyway. Mubarak, not one to forgive and forget, vowed to teach Khaled a lesson. Fast Forward to the parliamentarian election, it was time for Mubarak to take his revenge. His idea? Have his own investment secretary Mahmoud Moheyeldeen run against Khaled on the Kafr Shokr seat. This was problematic partly because Mahmoud hadn't laid any ground work to his campaign since it was so last minute , and partly because Khaled is also Mahmoud's Uncle, which doesn't look good in a conservative family-oriented area like Kafr Shokr. What further complicated things for Mahmoud was Sarhan's decision to not run and to support Khaled this time against Mahmoud, since they were both in the NFC now. This made things impossible for Mahmoud, who no one wanted to even talk to when he visited the area and the people who belonged to the 2 parties standing united against him. The man had no supporters to the point that he used to walk around surrounded by the police. It was that bad. Now Mahmoud is not stupid; he realized that this was an impossible race for him to win because he started late and the people were united behind Khaled. He also realized that if he lost there it would embaress him in the party, and could hurt his future political ambitions. He begged and pleaded until the party gave him the permission to withdraw his nomination. He then gave a Television interview in which he announced that he won't run out of respect for his great Uncle. After the NDP candidate withdrew, Sarhan and Khaled spoke to the MB's Morshed and urged them to withdraw their nominee, since even the NDP conceeded the seat to Khaled. The MB agreed, and their nominee Taimoor went on Television and withdrew his nomination against Khaled Moheyeldeen, thus guranteeing him that seat. Now, this would be the end of the story, except that Mubarak didn't like not taking his revenge, so he called the Morshed and pressured him to force Taimoor to take back his withdrawel and run again against Khaled. Some deal was struck and the Morshed agreed, and Taimoor was back competing again. Only this time, he walks around with the police and amn el dawla chaparoning and protecting him. Again, I repeat, the MB candidate walks around with the police protecting and facilitating things for him, instead of , you know, making things difficult for him. The Police in Kafr Shokr is publically supporting the MB candidate. Who would have thought or guessed such a day would come? Not me, Definitely not me. We live in very interesting times.


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