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Thursday, November 10, 2005

NDP and MB win, everyone else loses

*Scroll down for updates* The election results are in, and things are not looking good. Despite heavy reports of how things are great and improved and better then all the other elections before (like that's a fair comparison) with turn out better then expected and shit, the election results and what went down at the Polls spells doom and gloom for Egypt's future. Across the board, the opposition parties lost to the NDP and the MB candidates, thanks to their unholy and discreet alliance. Buh-bye future multi-party democratic presidential elections. Do we start filling out alligance pledges to the next President Mubarak now or do we wait till this one croaks first? What are the proper procedures now? Anyone knows? Wanna know how bad it is? The opposition, the christian and the women candidates lost. Let's just list the big names shall we? Ayman Nour, the man who had more then half a million votes in the presidential elections...lost to the NDP candidate. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, the christian head of the opposition in the parliament...lost to the NDP candidate. Magdy Ahemd Hussein, the Labour party secretary general...lost to the NDP & independent candidates who will proceed into the re-run round. Mona Makram Ebeid, big opposition figure and activist...lost to the NDP candidate. Sorraya Labnah, NDP women candidate and incumbant for Heliopolis....lost to the MB candidate. Amal Othman, NDP women candidate, head of the women council and incumbant for Dokki/Agouza.... lost to the MB candidate. But fret not women, Makarem El Deiry did not lose, but did not win either. She is heading into the re-run round against Mostafa El Sallab, and she will probably win it. She promises to be the voice of submissive females everywhere. Rejoice people, rejoice. Oh, and further good news: All of Mubarak's big boys also won their respective elections. All those people who bet that the old guard will go away in favor of Gamal's new guard are now proven wrong. Azmy, El Shazly, Sorrour, Sulleiman, Ezz, everybody is here to stay. That's what I call change and reform people. The way it looks it, the opposition parties will be out of the running this election, due to financial and organziational issues, and maybe winning 5 seats tops. The government has made it very easy for the MB to run their campaign to make sure of that. By the end of this election, the Parliament will be divided between NDP (majority) and MB (Minority) candidates. The NDP will continue their reforms, while the MB will continue tackeling big issues like filtering Egypt's internet, censoring books and movies, having more veiled TV anchores and causing a big stir over stupid shit like to increase taxing Nancy Ajram's concerts because the "agigate the boys, and arouse their base instincts!" or Haifaa Wahby's dress or how bad Ruby's videos have gotten. Doesn't that just sound Fantastic to you? I received like 4 text messages yesterday, all of them carry the same theme "So, when do we buy our tickets?" "I am getting the fuck out of this country!" "The MB won. Fuck fuck fuck!" and one from Hady saying "Told you that Islam is the solution". Ha. Rub it in Mofo. Rub it in. Courage and optimism people. Political Islam is coming to Egypt and has been sanctioned by the government. Things will get very interesting in the future for this country. Very interesting indeed. Now excuse me, I have to go continue sulking in my office some more. Have a good one. Update: This is way too funny. It seems that the NDP has decided to start double-crossing the MB: They just declared that Amal Othman won. Amal had lost yesterday, but they didn't mention it in any of the official media outlets and now are broadcasting that she won. The head of the MB is reportedly furious. Haha! So now that the opposition heavy weights are out, and the majority of the NDP heavy weights have secured their seats, it seems that they will start focusing on screwing the remaining MB candidates. This would explain why this time they had Greater Cairo in the first round, instead of the last like they wanted last time : The bigwhigs wanted to be secured in their seats when they start to doublecross the MB, this way eliminating the competition the MB could've waged against them in their districts. The NDP has proven, once again, that they can not be trusted to uphold their end on any bargain, which is expected. I don;t know what this will mean for the MB though, but I expect them to declare war on the NDP in the second and third phases of this election, which should be interesting.


At 11/10/2005 02:28:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sandmonkey, have u been behind the computer for so long that you lost touch with the egyptian street? Ofcourse all those who won would have won for different reasons albeit different & contradicting reasons but they are reflective of what egyptians are nowadays.
I believe you will find the majority of egyptians voting for anything islamic or religious in its appearance, the wave of religiosity is increasing frightingly, notice how many young student have grown their beards & the pace of the veil amongst young girls has sped like a wildfire out of control. Problem is, most of them take matters by listening to sermon cassettes or reading dubious books, i think the ndp will have to encorporate some religious elements for next elections in 5 years to firmly stand against the mb, i mean i prefer the ndp anyday to the mb. what do you think?

At 11/10/2005 03:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we all remember what happened to the last president that favored the "Islamists" over the opposition....We're all doomed....and have a goodnight..


At 11/10/2005 03:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this for real? How "transparent" and legal do you think the elections were? Do you think they stuffed the ballot boxes? I have always been cynical about Mubarak's "democratic" overtures...

At 11/10/2005 06:20:00 PM, Blogger madtom said...

You do understand that these results would only worry us if they were real. You do know that these election result were arranged in the back room of the polling places and not the box. This is just to get thier points across, once that is done the right people will win again.


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