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Monday, December 27, 2004

So, does anyone know how this one ended?

Ok, so if you are egyptian and you havn't heard a version of the Waffa Constantine story, well, you have been literally hiding in your cave. Relations between the muslim and christian communities in egypt have been lukewarm at best the past 30 years, no thanks to the islmaic fundemnatist groups and common egyptians jelousy at the success of several christian businessmen a la Ramy lakah and Sawiris. What's amazing though is still till today no one knows what really happend or how this story ended. The Middle East Times has an article that claims to be authentic and may help shed some truth on what happend, but until today no one knows what the real story is. Did waffa convert to islam by her own will or was she forced to? Did she do it out of conviction or just to get out of her mariage ( coptics can't divorce) like it was rumored?Which side do you really believe here and should it really have become such a big deal? I dunno! If you don't know the story and wants some feedback on what the hell i am talking about, Big Pharoh here has the skinny for ya!


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