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Saturday, February 12, 2005

More on Ward Churchil

Dahlia Lithwick wrote an "interesting" article on Nutty Professor Ward Churchil that argues that while Ward churchil may be an idiot, he shouldn't be fired for that reason, but rather the people who hired him should be! Churchill may be fired from his faculty position at the University of Colorado for having written and spoken some of the most moronic nonsense ever to emanate from the mouth of an alleged academic. But he shouldn't be punished for being a hack. The folks who hired him should. Her argument basically is that even though he is a hack, a fake native american, a tenured professor who only has a masters degree and a mornon, he shouldn't be fired. Instead, the people who hired him and who let him stay as the head of a department in a University should be fired instead. She then goes off on a tangent on how we shouldn't fire people for exercising free speech and that what he said doesn't qualify as hate speech: Churchill's 9/11 comments were patently offensive. But they were not hate speech, they were not treason, and they were not in any sense a call to imminent violence on the part of his listeners. Read in context, his words are the purest form of political speech. Does that mean students have to take his classes? No. Does it mean any university needs to invite him to speak or even hire him in the first place? No. But does it mean that the governor or the board of regents are entitled to remove him now, simply because some "taxpayer money" goes to pay his salary? No. That would make virtually every professorship in the land subject to a heckler's veto. Now, here is where i start explaining why Dahlia is an idiot, even though she means well. I agree with her that the people who hired him should get fired, but i believe he should be too. Her article is titled "stupidity as a firing offense" and for some reason she doesn't think that being stupid isn't a good enough reason for someone to get fired. Hmm. See, this is kind of weird, because in the real world, that's like, one of the biggest reasons why people do get fired. And this goes double for college professors, who are supposed to be some of the smartest people around to get the jobs they get. you know, with the whole influencing young people thing and all. So let's argue for free-speech and say that the man shouldn't get fired for his comments. Ok, fine. But he should get fired for being a hack. If anything this has shed some serious light on that guy and to have someone that is not only a tenured professor, but also the head of a department, on nothing more but a masters degree and a bunch of published books, well, it doesn't say much for the educational standards that the University of Colorado has. And while we are at it, if the people of colorado want the guy fired, he should be fired. They pay for his salary. And you would think that would make him a little more respectful towards the americans that support his livelihood. But, see, as long as that man gets a "hero's welcome" at the University of Colorado where he deliverd a speech in which he said: "I'm not backing up an inch. I owe no one an apology", well, he will continue propogating the idea that he is a victim and a free speech hero. But then again, it seems like he isn't only getting support from his students, but also from University officials, who also happen to be paid by Colorado's taxpayer dollars. Outside the ballroom, about 250 people who were turned away listened to Churchill's speech on speakers set up by university officials. The crowd was loud and orderly as Churchill, whose writings and speeches face a 30-day university review that could lead to his dismissal, spoke: "I do not work for the taxpayers of the state of Colorado. I do not work for (Gov.) Bill Owens. I work for you," he said to thunderous applause. Well, let's hope he does get dismissed. i am all for him working for the people who applaud him as long as he doesn't get paid with money from people that he hates, despises and has no problem with them dead. The fact that this man has american supporters boggles my mind. But whatever, people like him will always exist and he will find a way to still make money from the incident even if he does get fired.Who knows, with his kind of rhetoric, he might become a TV pundit at Al Manar TV channel. He would feel very much at home there, ya know?


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