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Monday, June 13, 2005

Iraqi Sunni Blackmail

Reading this just pisses me off: Political leaders of Iraq's Sunni minority have rejected a compromise offer on giving them more say in the drafting of a constitution. [...] A spokesman for the Gathering of the Sunni People said they would hold out for 25 seats against the 15 on offer. He said they would boycott negotiations if arbitration by a three-person panel consisting of a Sunni, a parliamentary representative and a United Nations official failed to settle the matter. "We will not agree and will not concede any seat," spokesman Adnan al-Dulaimi said. "If they refuse our demand we will resort to arbitration. If they insist then we will suspend our participation." Shiite leaders have offered to expand the body to 69 seats, bringing in non-legislators to give Sunnis 15 places, the same number as the Kurds. The Blackmail has begun, people. That's why this is probably a very bad idea!


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