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Friday, June 17, 2005

A sign of things to come?

The government arrests Kifaya Mmembers, and releases Muslim Brotherhood members on the same day! Egyptian police detained a doctor and a lawyer on June 14 for handing out opposition pamphlets to passersby on a Cairo street, police and their party said. Mohammed Shafik and Ahmed Saad had been handing out leaflets calling for an end to the state of emergency in force in Egypt since 1981, an official of their Kifaya (Enough) party said. "Enough of corruption, unemployment, repression and arrests. Enough of a party that is neither patriotic nor democratic," the pamphlets said, mocking the name of the ruling National Democratic Party. [...] Egyptian authorities on June 14 released a group of 137 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood movement who had been rounded up during a string of pro-reform protests last month, judicial sources said. Those freed included engineers, doctors and students from various cities in the northern delta region and southern Egypt. The release, ordered by Attorney General Maher Abdel Wahid, came two days after the authorities freed 163 members of the movement. God help us all!


At 6/17/2005 02:09:00 PM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Yeah. And nowhere to be seen, is an opposition that the west can support.

Look at this, an interview with an Iranian opposition leader:


They had right wing dictatorship. They replaced it with Islamic theocracy. Now, they want to replace theocracy with Communism.

Do Iranians *really* need to have decades of every BAD type of government known to man before they decide that democracy really isn't so bad, after all?

My god. It's mind boggling.

The worst part is, that woman who wrote the artical characterizes Communism as "humanist, secular and democratic" - no, really, she does! On which plaanet is that what communism is?

Communism is the ULTIMATE in subjugation of the human being. In a communist society, people ONLY have value as human beings by virtue of what they can do for soiciety. That's the heart and soul of communism. What kind of insanity is it to call such a thing "humanist" !?

I don't understand it. Iranians are not stupid people. What's going on?

At 6/17/2005 08:13:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

Mubarak seems to be making all the wrong choices. I really do hate to see that because he could leave quite a legacy. The way he's going about it now, that legacy will all be bad.

What a shame.


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