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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spain bombed again!

Just to show that you can not negotiate with terrorists, Spain is suffering from another series of bombings. Four small bombs exploded Tuesday outside a power plant in the Basque region following a warning call from the separatist group ETA, but no one was injured by the blasts, the Basque Interior Ministry said. In a separate attack in Barcelona, a small bomb exploded Tuesday outside the Italian Cultural Institute, wounding a policeman, the Italian Embassy and Spanish officials said. In the power plant blasts, a caller claiming to represent ETA telephoned the Basque pro-independence newspaper Gara and warned four bombs would go off at the plant. [...] ETA has staged nearly a dozen non-lethal attacks since the Socialist government announced in May that it would hold talks with the group if it renounced violence. The explosions are widely seen as a show of force designed to gain leverage if talks are held. So much for appeasment huh? My prediction : The Spanish socialist government will not survive the next election.


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