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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

All about Hillary Clinton

Things don't seem to be going very smoothly for the Hillary for President in 08 campaign, which-don't kid yourself- started like 10 years ago. Hillary apparently has ruffeld the feathers of the more liberal segment of the democratic party by issuing a call for unity amongst the party to defeat the evil right-wing people. Leftist bloggers, headed by Daily Kos, caught wind of her "centerist" positions and her relationship with the despised amongst Democrats DLC and waged an unprecetended attack on her. Not that i am gloating or anything! Roger Hickey, co-director of the liberal Campaign for America's Future, said Clinton had badly miscalculated the current politics inside the Democratic Party and argued that she could pay a price for her DLC association if she runs for president in 2008. "There has been an activist resurgence in the Democratic Party in recent years, and Hillary risks ensuring that there's a candidate to her left appealing to those activists who don't much like the DLC," he said. However, as anyone who observed the 2000 and 2004 elections would tell you, this is not the way democrats operate. Democrats always look for electibility, which means the following: a "centerist" candidate- Bonus points if from southern origion- that they think republicans might vote for, despite their lack of Charisma or ability to connect with people ( Gore, Kerry, anyone?). This is the main difference between democrats and republicans: Democrats chose the guy they think republicans might vote for, republicans chose the guy they would like to vote for. This is why Dean lost in the Democratic primaries in 2004: the democrats liked him, but were afraid the republicans wouldn't vote for him, so they chose the man that looks like the Tree from the Wizard of Oz, despite his utter lack of Charisma and the fact that he is from Masschusetts (Mass yankee liberals don't get southern votes) . Then they wonderd why the hell they lost. But wait, say the Hillary believers: Hillary is different. Hillary votes centerist, yet has liberal appeal. Hillary is also a woman, this may get the women voters. And she is a clinton, and everybody misses the Clinton days, when the Economy was good and the nation's biggest problem was whether the Prez did or did not get head from a jewish intern with big Tatas. After 8 years of Bush, they say assuredly, people will go for anything Clinton. Ehh, not so fast. To say that the women will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman is actually naive and insulting to women, especially the big chunk of female voters who do not like Hillary, and to be more specific the conservative or religious ones, and they are becoming a bigger part of the female population (hence Hillary speaking about her faith nowadays) . Not to mention, if the republicans throw in their own female candidate , like Liddy Dole for example, they could take that vote too. Plus, Hillary has the same major flaw that Gore and Kerry had : She is not liked personally and the chances of her connecting with the regular voters is close to nill! Sure, she is respected, she is admired, she is a great role model for all of the Welsley Chickas (Kate, if you are reading this, I mean YOU), but she isn't personally likeable. There is something cold and inhuman about her, comapred to, let's say, Elizabeth Edwards. Sure, Bill will be the one doing all the charming pimpage for his wifey, but that's not enough to get people to vote for her or like her and this is why she will probably lose. The democrats are better off going with Edwards or something, unless they are really focused on becoming a minority party forever. Ehh, who knows? It's far too early to call anyway.


At 8/02/2005 04:36:00 AM, Blogger JohnL said...

I was with you until the Edwards business. It's generally acknowledged that Edwards added almost nothing besides a little spunk to the ticket in the last election -- in the end he couldn't even deliver his home state! Also, remember he lost the top slot to the likes of John F. Kerry. Let that sink in for a moment...he lost to John F. Kerry. Bill and Hillary would absolutely EAT THE BOY ALIVE, laughing all the way, and still have plenty of room left over for his nice plump wife.

As for the Republicans, Guiliani and McCain would handily defeat your favorite trial lawyer, simply by looking and sounding like the only adults in the room, and Romney is far more likable and less phony. So, if a Massachusetts liberal can't win nationally, how about a Massachusetts conservative? We Baystaters were meant to rule, after all (well, except for Kerry...and Dukakis...and Teddy Kennedy...and Paul Tsongas...and William Weld).

At 8/02/2005 05:45:00 AM, Blogger Mike O said...

Actually, I'm more looking forward to a Hillary vs. Condi battle in '08 (no contest). For Condi, I'd come out of my self-imposed politcal retirement that started after the Reagan years. Let's clear the field of old white guys and let the women have at it!

At 8/02/2005 05:50:00 AM, Blogger Mike O said...

BTW: one of the best judges of personal character of those that have been in the White House are the Secret Service agents who guard the people there. The one almost universal constant among these agents; Hillary Clinton was the most despised individual they ever had to guard. Says a lot.

At 8/02/2005 06:33:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

You know something Mike? I believe you. My boy Mark-whom I've known since freshman year in college- joined the secret service and was part of the team guarding Dick Cheney, George Bush and John Kerry during the election. He is currently assigned to the protect Laura Bush detail and accompanied her during her last trip to cairo. He told me that even though he is a democrat, he voted for Bush based on how he well he treated the Secret service people, which was good (always friendly, always respectful, always on time), as opposed to John Kerry , whose behavior he simply described as "being a walking dick". He was like "Fuck him, he ain't getting my vote!". I actually hung out with him, Laura Bush's aide and the white house photographer (2 young hot things) and they informed me of all kind of White House Gossip, including the Kerry being a dick thing. It was pretty freakin random to tell you the truth.

Oh well..

At 8/02/2005 09:17:00 PM, Anonymous Tina said...

Hillary doesn't stand a chance. The media has practically crowned her, but our military despises her, most women think she was either stupid to put up with Bill's dallying or so ambitious that she swallowed her pride, either way they don't like it.

On top of everything else, she has zero charisma, people just don't like her.


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