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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dying to immigrate to the US

You know you have a border control problems and shitty wehather, when you have immigrants dying by the hundreds trying to get into your country. With about six weeks remaining in the Border Patrol's fiscal year - and more Border Patrol agents patrolling than ever - 201 men, women and children have succumbed to the elements in Arizona. In Pima County, which includes Tohono O'odham and Tucson, so many corpses are waiting to be identified, autopsied and returned to Mexico that the coroner is storing 60 of them in a refrigerator truck. Whoa!


At 8/20/2005 09:26:00 AM, Blogger programmer craig said...

The sad thing is, they've made so much of an effort to keep people from trying to walk across the desert... everything from warning signs to building water stations with trail markers!

It seems like this particular problem just gets worse and worse though. The harder the border patrol works at securing the populated areas(desireable crossing points) the more illegals try to cross at the uninhabited areas.

At 8/20/2005 09:38:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

All I know is this: if mexicans can cross the border, anyone can cross the border and carrying anything.

Is it just me or is this the biggest potential security risk for the whole USA? Those borders should be secured not because illegals can cross it, but because terrorists can cross it. This is not about keeping 500,000 mexicans out. It's about keeping 5 suicidebombers out, who could potentially do more damage to the US economy than 3 million extra illegal workers.

But what do i know?

At 8/20/2005 09:39:00 AM, Blogger Papa Ray said...


Your only seeing and hearing about just a little bit of the problems with U.S.-Mexico border problems.

Here is a roundup of some of the goings on.

Be aware that the events in Mexico make the news even less than in the U.S.

It is a dangerous mess and getting worse.

Papa Ray
West Texas

At 8/20/2005 09:41:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Papa Ray,


you know al qaeda could follow suit.

Ohh fun times ahead for everybody. Fun times ahead indeed!

At 8/20/2005 10:58:00 AM, Blogger Laurel said...

There were high hopes when President Fox was elected in 2001. His platform was to solve the corruption problem and build the economy so there would be enough jobs for more people. It's now almost six years later, and I don't see any improvements. Not only that, he seems to be encouraging illegal immigration by saying things about how Mexicans work jobs that even blacks wouldn't take, implying that the U.S. should be grateful even if it's illegal. I don't think it's so much a racist statement as it is a sign of his failure to govern successfully by providing enough jobs and better living standards so that poor jobless Mexicans don't have to die crossing the border. They have to feed their families you know.

At 8/20/2005 12:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


you know al qaeda could follow suit."

I live in Texas Sam, and believe me,we know.

Both Republicans and Democrates are wooing the Hispanic vote, and unfortunately they have this odd notion that cracking down on the border will alienate that vote.

Bill Richardson, Democratic Governor of New Mexico, is finally getting wise. While on the one hand professing his desire to do right by the illegals already here (thereby staying friends with them), has has declared the border area of New Mexico to be in a state of emergency. We've got our fingers crossed that he's beginning to find a way out of the conundrum.


At 8/23/2005 05:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have every confidence in the red-white-and-blue patriotism of Mexican coyotes to screen Muslim terrorists out of the wetbacks.

That is our main reliance, here in the US.

Suggestion: (1) There was an old proposal to build a Taco Curtain along the border. It was given up because the Mexican government protested. Build it now. (Maybe this is being done quietly, on the installment plan.) (2) The former East Germany is still suffering from high unemployment. Let's kill two birds with one stone by hiring unemployed former border guards and Volkspolizei (People's Police) to man the wall. All they have to do is learn to kill those trying to get in, rather than those trying to get out.

An invasion is an invasion. Guns not required. For your reading pleasure: The Camp of the Saints.

Michael in Framingham


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