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Sunday, September 11, 2005


As the poets have mournfully sung, Death takes the innocent young, The rolling-in-money, The screamingly-funny, And those who are very well hung. W.H. Auden


At 9/11/2005 03:35:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...

That is what my mom always say.

At 9/11/2005 05:07:00 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

Damn it - the well hung are few and far between to begin with.

At 9/11/2005 05:41:00 PM, Anonymous highlander said...

Twosret - welcome back حبيبتي

At 9/11/2005 09:15:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...

Thanks Highlander...This word verification is driving me nuts!!!

At 9/11/2005 09:25:00 PM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Yes, WB Twosret! Good to see you on blogs again!

I think you missed the spam epidemic! The word verification is annoying, but it's much better than all the %@*#& adds!

At 9/11/2005 09:28:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...


Yeah thanks to TSA that busted my laptop in the airport (by dropping it) and to Fujitsu's quality control that won't let go of my laptop for days...I missed a lot on the blogsphere.

It was a nice break though that is very much needed.

At 9/12/2005 04:31:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Twosret, your mom mourns the death of the well hung? That's awesome! :p (j/k)

Wecome back sweetie.


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