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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Regarding the Israel hits a nerve post

My "Israel hits the right nerve in Lebanon" , as expected, hit a nerve (Oh, i am so clever) with some people. A commentator named Charbel pointed out that the majority of lebanese bloggers I mentioned don't actually live in Lebanon, and thus their opinions may not be 100% representitive of the Lebanese street and thus I guess should be taken with a grain of salt. He had this advice for me: They all have good blogs, but their reaction does not mean as much as Lebanese opinion on the ground. Lebanese Political Journal, even if it is here, remains aloof to what people actually feel.You should listen to the speeches given by Lebanese politicians. You should look to what Michel Aoun had to say, or even dare I say Walid Jumblatt. So I did just that. Check this out: Walid Jumblat has crossed lances anew with the Assad regime, charging Syrian authorities were out to sabotage Lebanon's independence and rekindle the 1975-1990 civil war in a bid to derail the international investigation into Rafik Hariri's assassination. "The Syrian regime must beware subverting Lebanon's civil peace," Jumblat warned in an interview published by Al Mustaqbal newspaper, which ranked as his strongest denunciation of the Assad administration since the April downfall of Syria's 29-year reign of terror in Lebanon. Jumblat's stance was in sharp contrast with Hizbullah's desperate campaign to exonerate the Assad regime from Hariri's tragic death, warning that Chief U.N. investigator Detlev Mehlis was 'not a God' and accusing him of steering the Hariri probe to a political track to frame Damascus. Banding together with Premier Saniora, the Hariri family and the majority of Lebanon's political groupings, Jumblat expressed full trust in Mehlis, effectively rejecting Hizbullah's besmirching outcries that the German prosecutor 'is not a God.' "Lebanon shall not be used as venue to derail the Hariri investigation at a time the Assad regime is making an assortment of concessions to avoid getting accused Syrian officers behind bars," Jumblat asserted. "Lebanon shall not accept being rolled 30 years backward to civil warfare." Taking an apparent jab at Hizbullah, Jumblat said "arms do not provide protection for anyone. Protection is provided only by dialogue with the resistance and by national consensus backing this protection." Ok, now for the opposite view, cause you know we are Fair and Balanced here (Yeah right!) in sandmonkey land. Pro-Hizbullah Labor Minister Tarrad Hamade told reporters that the people stand strongly behind the resistance and the Lebanese Army. The Hezballah dude said that. Please note it. He added that UN Security Council Resolution 1559 is an act of aggression that deprives Lebanon of its right to defend its territories. Oh really? Resolution 1559 does that? Interesting.... What does Saad Harriri, Rafiq's son, have to say? MP Saad Hariri announced that Lebanon has entered a phase that requires increasing effort from the government. "I believe expressing ones opinion and stand is crucial in a democratic regime," he said, adding that he does not see a major dispute between the Lebanese but a diversity of viewpoints all converging on the importance of achieving stability, security and national unity. Commenting on the full enforcement of Security Council Resolution 1559 in Lebanon, Hariri said a serious dialogue with the international community needs to be opened to avoid confrontation. Guess who he means by confrontation? If I were to venture one it would be a confrontation with Hezballah. Hmmm.... So who is the threat to Lebanon's stability and independence? Yeppers, the HA. God Bless them and keep them a thorn in both Isarel and Lebanon's side and their lips firmly stapled to Assad's ass.


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