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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Former Syrian VP is charged with treason

Syria's ruling Party has issued a harsher response against the former VP of Syria Abdul-Halim Khaddam who in an interview confirmed that Bashar did threaten Rafiq al Harriri: They charged him with treason. Syria's ruling Baath Party stripped the country's former vice president of membership and joined parliament in demanding his trial on a charge of high treason, the official news agency SANA reported Sunday. The move came two days after former Vice President Abdul-Halim Khaddam said in a television interview from Paris that Syria's leader threatened former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri months before Hariri was assassinated in a truck bombing. [...] While Khaddam said in the interview that he planned to return to Syria with his family to write a book, it was unclear if he would go back facing a treason charge. Conviction would bring the death penalty. "Khaddam has joined the band of enemies who are targeting the country and its attitudes," the Baath Party statement said. "Khaddam has betrayed the party, the country and the (Arab) nation. The National Leadership has decided to dismiss Khaddam from the party and put him on trial." Isn't that convenient? So he is the VP for more then 21 years and now he is a traitor of the country and an american/french/zionist agent? Interesting.... In other news, the UN investigators have been invigorated by Kaddam's statments and have now demanded to interview Khaddam and Bashar al Assad. Bisho is not having a happy new year after all. Big Fat Bummer.


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