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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Good answer

FFE tackles a very good question: What is the ideological or psychological knot that keeps the Middle Eastern people at the camp of freedom losers? Why do most Egyptians stand unconsciously in support of dictatorship? Well.... Most of seculars in Egypt are socialists or communists, hence enemies of the capitalist free world of Europe and the United States. Majority of Egyptians are pro-Arab nationalism. This ideology that kept all Arabs, including Egyptians, slaves to their dictator rulers. To be a successful dictator, you need to create an external enemy. The enemy was created through this ideology, hence the sustainability of the no-individualism and continuous hatred against invented enemies, mainly the US and Israel. The happy relationship image between the US and the regime in Egypt spread frustration feelings among Egyptians that the US is supporting their torturer and helped the US to lose credibility among Egyptians. That gave opportunity to regime to strengthen political Islam, hence creating an enemy to the US. The over-blown stories of victory in media over Israel strengthened the idea of Israel the enemy and not the peace agreement. After the death of President Sadat, the only culture that was instilled was that Israel is the enemy. It was important to isolate Egyptians from Israel to kill peace and maintain an everlasting enemy that serves dictatorship. Also, because the true battles that should be won at the domestic level, like alleviating people’s poverty is not a priority, however, making people believe that the regime is watching Israel, the enemy, is the worthwhile battle. Our neighbor Saudi Arabia was given the keys to our lands to establish mosques that worth millions everywhere while true poverty stand few meters from the luxurious mosques. Poverty is on the rise, and fatalism struck the balance. Theology is closely related to the development of all other corners in life in general. A third enemy was created here but from within the Egyptians. Egyptian Copts became another enemy to Egyptian Muslims. The reason why they became enemies is because citizens are not treated on the basis of their citizenship rights but on their religions. That also is another justification why we should hate Israel and the US, the Jewish and the Christian enemies. The Copts became the American agents because they are Christians like the US. Those whom the US considers pro-US educated Egyptians as some of them had their degrees in the US universities are double-agents. They are using the US and working with the regime against the causes of freedom and democracy and against the Egyptian people. Non-partisan opposition groups in Egypt are writing in their mission statements as preamble; “the Zionist enemy, the US occupation …etc”. They are recycling and singing the broken records of the fascist regimes in the Middle East. They make no difference to impress anyone and that’s why their base will always remain weak domestically and internationally. They do not promise a dream, they promise victories based on more hatred and revenge. Islamists in Egypt are successful because they are singing their own song. Touche...


At 1/19/2006 03:16:00 PM, Anonymous Jokerman said...

Interesting essay indeed, in some parts i agree & in other i dont.
I do not agree that most seculars in egypt are either socialists or communists, communists are very few & are turning their old positions either to the socialist left or to the islamist tide, but there is also another sector that came in unnoticed, they are independent of both parties but not organised yet.
Some of the essay borrowed Orwellian themes notably in the foundation of an enemy which is partly true ofcourse that governments need to divert attention of their own people from their practices, as they will not serve them properly & wont give them the freedoms they want, to the great enemy that is Israel. But in a way, people believed it due to the israeli-arab struggle & the consequent wars that ensued, but the essay failed to mention the history behind the modern day situation. Middle east rulers have always been like that ever since the Prophet died & abu bakr took over to the Ummayad dynasty to the abbassid dynasty to the ayubids to the Mamluks to the turks to the military. There is something more underlying in all these centuries that has taken over the minds or may i say the psyche of Middle easterners...the arab nationalism that nasser supported was nothing more than a goal to divert people from his inept policies & incompetent statemanship , added to it the Israeli enemy which the free officers werent so opposed to in the begining of their reign but later due to the image that nasser wanted to instill in the minds of people, he had to take up that role of defending the arabs from the new conspiracy.
Customs and traditions along with religion play an important role aswell not in any way less than the creation of an enemy.
question is: Why has ISrael given the Sinai peninsula back to Egypt if its an expansionist country? why did they take it in 67 to give it back all in 1982? Why hasnt Israel invaded more arab land since 1967? waiting for plans or for the americans to give them the green light might say someone but i would suggest they look beyond their feelings & to the uncharted areas in their minds eye.
why do the ISraelis seem to want peace more than the Arabs?
Why is it such a heinous crime when an Israeli soldier kills a palestinian yet its merely nothing when a dictator kills hundreds & thousands of his own arab people?
Why cry blue murder at the double standards of the US when the people of the Middle east excercise triple & quadruple standards with eachother????
not just hypocrisy would fulfill a right answer.


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