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Friday, December 31, 2004

A Q& A session Sandmonkey style!

Hello everyone, First of all, thanks for all the kind words that i have been getting at the comments section. Me mucho appreciates the support and i hope to be able to continue keeping this blog entertaining no matter how much the Bossman will yell at me for handing in my work late. Although I must say that i am kinda disappointed; where are the hate comments? What, no "Uncle Tom" or "SELL-OUT" remarks? No questions about how much the JEWS are paying me to write those posts? No "You are a disgrace to Egyptians" or " You are the reason why Bush won, you goddamn Bushlover"? Me is very disappointed. Although, "Bushlover", well, that's a nice mental image right there, altough it doesn't go well with having a "Mandate"! (ehh, sorry about the humor, just woke up! Anyway) There seems to be a lot of questions directed towards me at the comments section. Since i don't have the e-mails of those posters, and since I just woke up with a massive hangover and have no idea what to write about, i decided to respond to some of those questions here. Hope you don't mind! Lets start with Mike SC USA , who asked three important questions: Are there more of you out there? More of what? People like me? Not likely! I am special ; and i know that cause my mommy said so. Or do u mean like Pro Us arabiacs? Hmm, I personally know like 3, and GM I guess makes 4. I would say that's a positive indication. There is probably more out there, but they are probably hiding it. It's not a very popular stand to take around here! Maybe you can enlighten us on why Middle Easterners seemingly live for conspiracy theories? Well, Mike, you see, they all live in police-states under dictatorships, where most of the newspaper are state-owned and censored. Arabs therefore got used to the idea that governments are full of shit and that they never really tell you the truth. That , combined with feelings of persecution, boredom and over-active imagination , sends most of them into the conspiracy theory zone. And once you are in that zone, well, you start seeing them conspiracies everywhere. Like, for example, why is white rice called just plain rice, yet brown rice is called "Wild "rice? Or why is the catchphrase for Frosted Flakes "They are greeeeeeat" and yet you "go coco" for Coco Puffs? And, while we are at it, why does the Coco Puffs box have a monkey character on it? As you can see, this is just the way the white man subliminally control the borwn people of the world, you know, telling them that they are "wild coco brown monkeys", while emphasizing that Anything white is "GREAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT". And you were in Boston on 9/11? Actually, and this is a true story, i was in Cairo at the time. It was the 2 weeks break between the summer and Fall semesters, and i had went home with the plan to go back on the Egypt-air September 10th flight heading to JFK in new York. Since my classes did not start till the 17th, i decided last minute to reschedule and stay till the 14th! And then, you know, 911 happened. And all the airports got closed and all international flights cancelled for like a week, and i didn't end up being able to get back to Boston till like the 23rd. Hope i answered all your questions Mike! Now, for some Anonymous questions: How did you spend 5 years in Massachusetts and retain your sanity? Beer helped! Don't you know that the election was stolen by the evil Neocons and their Jewish overlords? Yeah. Whats your point? What kind of Arab are you? I dunno. The pretty kind? Well, that's it for now. Hope that was informative! Ohh and Kender, you can find the "Naughty Nuns" calendar right here! It actually exists!


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