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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Hmm, it seems that the USA is accused of being Scrooge-like by the UN cause its initial pledge to aid the countries affected by the Tsunami disasters is , gasp, only 35 million dollars. Only! Those goddamn stingy Americans. They are the world richest nation, they should like, pay more initially. It doesn't matter that they are having soaring deficits, a shaky economy, helping with the nation building of two countries while paying for all of this from their own pockets. Nor does anyone really care that they have provided the last year 2.4 billion in food and cash and humanitarian relief, which translates into 40% of all the relief aid given in the world in 2004. Just 40% ! Those evil ungrateful imperialists! With their wars to get rid of dictatorships and insistence to hold free democratic elections. Those self-righteous bastards! They are the new Nazis, and Bush is, like, their new Hitler or something. He actually started those wars so that Palestinians will start suicide-bombing Israelis again. I hear he does a a special dance when Jews get killed, likes to skin puppies and personally molests 20 Iraqi prisoners at least once a month. So..Where was I? Oh yeah, stingy! Bad bad America. They should've saved up just in case an 8.9 Richter Tsunami hit Southeast Asia and tens of thousands of people died. They should've seen it coming. After all, the world is their responsibility. And it doesn't matter that American scientists actually did try to warn the governments of those countries minutes after they recorded the Tsunami, and that the governments were slow to respond. It's still their fault. They should be committed for the long haul and provide long-term relief. Wait, they actually are doing that? Well, it's the least they could do. This was, after all, Mother Earth's objection to Bush's re-election. If more people had voted for Kerry, this probably would not have happened. And if it did, Kerry would have acted, u know, eventually! Sigh... Look people, All jokes aside, this shit is serious. If you feel as bad as I do about this, here is a link that lists all the way you can personally donate to help those people. And please remember, there is no such thing as "stingy" aid!


At 12/30/2004 07:04:00 AM, Blogger Josie said...

But aren't there a bunch of people who say the US only gives away money & food in order to "take over" people? You'd think they'd be happier if we stopped giving any aid. You know, give people food and you can build your imperialist empire verrrrry snnneakkillly.

At 12/30/2004 01:58:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

Eh, you can't worry about what other people think about you, you just have to do what is right. No matter how much we give, no matter what we do, it's not enough to please some. Of course, if you were to examine their own personal giving you'd be lucky to find a personal contribution at all.

The death and destruction is devestating, it's almost beyond comprehension. All we can do is roll up our sleeves and save as many as we can, and help them to rebuild their lives. I have a feeling we'll never know just how many have died, the sea has taken them.

At 12/30/2004 03:27:00 PM, Blogger mamapajamas said...

You know, the real hell of all of this is that the amounts of money you listed are only the amounts the GOVERNMENT gave. In the US, we actually prefer to give through private organizations willingly rather than having the government steal it from our pockets, and the actual amounts are orders of magnitude higher than whatever the government records as its donations.

Whenever a disaster of this magnitude strikes anywhere in the world, donation boxes for canned food, bottled water, and other non-spoilable products appear in the foyers of supermarkets all over the US. Then those nasty, evil corporations that own the supermarkets sort out what was donated, use their trucks to haul it all to a shipping point, and pay for the shipping.

Truly evil plot afoot in the corporate world! Josie's got a really good point about this terrible plot! ;)

At 12/30/2004 09:28:00 PM, Blogger Od1kenob said...

Rich CEOs from corporations around the country are deep in discussions on how to best EXPLOIT this situation to line their pockets. Perhaps by giving away stuff under the guise of aid, we can get them hooked on our commercial products and ruin thier pristine culture to boot.

The US government, never to be outdone in evil-doing, is scheming as well. I'm an Air Force pilot giving you an inside look into the heart of the beast. Today we worked late into the night cancelling holiday leave and reversing a planned runway closure so we could be ready to launch our cargo aircraft carrying tons of aid to stricken areas. To the uninitiated this might look like a kind act, but it is actually part of an excuse to OCCUPY these countries with our aircrew and aid workers (well-educated leftist college professors first penetrated this facade). A good occupation in a third world country just gets my blood pumping, especially over holidays! It's good to work for the Empire!

BTW, welcome Sandmonkey. You come highly recommended by Jeffery from New York.

A Jawga Crackaa doin my small part to ruin the world

At 12/31/2004 01:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your posting of links to make private donations to the countries suffering from the tsunamis. It's one thing to want your neighbor paying tax, another to give from your own pocket.

At 12/31/2004 06:07:00 AM, Blogger snackpack said...

Greetings there Sandmonkey, nice to meet you. I saw your link on the comments' page of "healing iraq".

Your angle on Eqypt sounds promising. Do you actually live there now and plan to stay? If so, what is the reaction there to the Tsanumi? Are the people of Eqypt sending money also? Their government?

Anyway, thanks for the unique blog. Hope to hear more from you in the weeks ahead.


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