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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Fehrenheit 69

For all of you Kerry voters and supporters in the world, the porn industry decided to put it's 2 cents in and help Kerry elected by making-get this- political porn. I am not joking. Porn for Porgress, a porn outfit that hoped would get Kerry elected by appealing to what they call the one common thing that bluestater and redstaters share: the love for porn, has released it's DVD special whose sales would help fun the Kerry campaign. The name of the DVD? Fehrenheit 69: The Porn for Kerry DVD. The DVD promises 4 different porn scenes, whose descriptions are posted on the website. I found this one to be quite interesting: On a secretive mission to Abu Garrabe Prison, Secretary of Defense Donnie Cumsfeld meets soldier Lyndie Dickland to learn the truth behind the abuse. But Donnie is in over his head when the leash is put on him! Donnie Cumsfeld. LOL And people wonder why the Kerry people lost the moral values voters.


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