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Saturday, April 02, 2005

RIP Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg is dead. I know that the vast majority of you have probably never heard of him, but he was an awesome stand-up comic. One of my personal favorites. The comic — who bore an uncanny resemblance to Rush frontman Geddy Lee and once explained the reason his was not a household name was because most of his fans lived in apartments — spent much of his career straddling that fine line between cult status and relatively larger stardom. Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hedberg was known for his disheveled hippie look, his relaxed, almost sedate stage manner, and his dawdling delivery — his face forever concealed behind a pair of shades and a wall of floppy bangs. Much like Steven Wright, Hedberg was a master of the sharp-as-glass-shards one-liner ("Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something"; "I would imagine if you understood Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy"; "When someone hands you a flier, it's like they're saying, 'Here, you throw this away.' ") His comical, almost-too-obvious observations about life's subtle peculiarities inspired Time magazine to declare the stand-up comic "the next Seinfeld" in 2000. The Mitch Hedberg quote that i related most to and my own personal Favorite is : "I don't have a girlfriend, I just know someone who would be really mad if they heard me say that." So true.. Rest In Peace Mitch!


At 4/02/2005 04:07:00 AM, Blogger Josie said...

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At 4/02/2005 04:09:00 AM, Blogger Josie said...

Sad, Mitch was younger than I am. But I can't help but think that as his spirit was leaving his body, he looked down and said, "Wow, comedian found dead in hotel room. How original of me." ;)


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