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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The requisite Egyptian Referendum post

Since this is an Egyptian blog after all, i figure it is my nationalistic duty to post about the historical referendum to amend the Constitution, that should allow multi-party presidential elections in the future, as long as the opposition candidates are chosen by the current Party in power and considerd not to be a threat to their own candidate. Naturally this pisses some people off, but since everyone knows that Mubarak will win in the next election anyway, nobody cares about their objections. Ohh, and per order of our great minister of Interior, no political demonstration of any kind will be allowed or tolerated in order to facilitate the electoral process, maintain the country's stability, and support the egyptian democratic experiment ( Those are his own words, i am not making this up to be a smartass). Now, some people plan on boycotting this referendum, some people may think the whole thing to be a great opprutunity to engage in democratic refroms and bring democracy to egypt, and some confused people actually think that this is the regular presidential election refrendum and intend to vote "Yes to Mubarak"on the ballot like they always do. I belonged to the camp of people who believe that the whole thing is rigged anyway in order to pass the constitutional ammendment and that my vote didn't really count. However, this fiery post by Hellme stated that if i don't participate then i am not a real egyptian, which put me on the defensive, and made me wanna go out and vote a big fat NO on the referendum, because i think the amendment isn't fair, and that the moment it gets passed it will be impossible to amend it. Not to mention, i had to prove that i am a real egyptian to Hellme, cause i felt that my nationalistic street cred was at stake here. Unfortunately, i found out that i can not go and participate, because i didn't have a registerd voter card, and you can only get those in November ( mighty convenient for a September election, don'tcha think?) for some reason. I was informed that i can go to the polls in my voting district and see if my name is there (they are suppsoed to automatically add your name when you are 18, but they almost never do), but no one can tell me what my voting district is: Some say it's wherever i was born, others say it's wherever i got my national ID and other swear up and down that it's wherever i got my driver license. This now puts me in a new dilemma, cause i was born in one district, got my ID in another, and got my driver's license in a third one (because that was the one where they just gave it to me without even taking the test). So now i am all confused on where to go, and even if i do a run-around on all three districts, there is a huge chance that my name is not gonna be listed on any of the records, and it would just be a big exercise in futility. So i am gonna stay right here, use my cold as an excuse for not doing anything today, and just wait and observe the eventual death of our democracy by the passing of this ammendment; and it will pass, because they want it to pass, you know it and i know it. I am amazingly not feeling that bad about it, maybe because i feel that all those people who are gonna go and vote yes actually don't deserve any better then to live in a dictatorship, or maybe it's because my cold medicine has a sinful amount of Codeine in it, and i am on my second bottle today. Oh well...


At 5/25/2005 05:35:00 AM, Anonymous DNA said...

BTW - my reference to the word 'real' was a take on an email being circulated in Egypt suggesting that those who DO vote aren't 'real' Egyptians.

Vote or not vote, it's a personal choice. I wasn't seriously suggesting that those who do not vote aren't real Egyptians, but maybe you already knew that :D


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