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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The new Thomas L. Friedman column in one sentence!

Suicide bombers are muslims who can't handle that countries with non-islamic religions and cultures are doing better then islamic ones, so they kill themselves to level (no pun intended) the playing field!


At 7/19/2005 08:39:00 AM, Anonymous Highlander said...

SM would you do me a favour and email me the whole article please :) I desperately need it !

At 7/19/2005 03:14:00 PM, Anonymous PE said...

Good article SM

At 7/20/2005 05:31:00 AM, Anonymous highlander said...

SM it 's ok I got the article.

At 7/20/2005 11:54:00 AM, Blogger Brian H said...

Geez, one sentence and it's still got a spelling error! It's "than", not "then"...

I like Friedman's "poverty of dignity" phrase. It's not spot-on, but pretty close.

Since it's now pretty clear these guys were set up, they should be described as "suicide suckers", I think. Requires less brainwashing.


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