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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


This is New Orleans after Katrina. It seems I spoke here too soon.
Needless to say, the situation is horrible: The levee system that keeps the water out broke down, the city is sinking, Martial law is declared, the amount of homeless and people looking for shelter grew, 2 people died in the Superdome shelter already, there are mass riots and lootings, and even the cops are looting with the looters.
And to show their sympathy with this human tragedy, the walking human douchebags that planned the MTV's VMA award show had a theme of "Water Works", with fake rain falling and drenching Kelly Clarckson during her performance and 50 cent using huge water cannons to drench the crowds. Oh MTV, that's really cool how you did the whole fake flooding while a real city is being flooded and people are dying by the minute.Nice going assholes!


At 8/31/2005 11:38:00 AM, Blogger Moron99 said...

Sometimes I wonder what they teach these people at meterological school. The worst damages from a hurricane are from the wall of water that it pushes about.

Even as the hurricane bore down on them, I was convinced that the damage to NOLA would be less if Katrina landed directly on them. A direct hit would have finished with a west-to-east wind that would have sucked all the water back out of Lake Ponchatrain. When Katrina veered east of NOLA the initial winds still blew water directly into the mouth of the lake but the wind never changed to west-east and all that water stayed. A direct hit would have finshed by blowing the lake water back out into the gulf.

These forecasting types were similarly befuddled when hurricane charlie, another cat4, came through my town. The eye of Charlie passed about 12miles from my house. We were suppossed to get an 18foot storm surge. To this day most of them can't figure out why it never happenned. They like to say that when Charlie veered all the water escaped his grasp. I.e. - they're still clueless. Charlie was traveling west-to-east. So the initial wind was blowing from-south/to-north. This pushed all the water up to the northern end of Charlotte harbor. Charlotte Harbor has a humongously deep. wide outlet on the north (Boca grande) and a broad shallow outlet to the south (Sanibel). As the hurricane moved up the midlle of Charlotte harbor the wind shifted to east-west at Boca and west-east at Sanibel (US hurricanes always spin counter-clockwise). The net result was that Charlie sucked water out of Charlotte harbor through Boca Grande faster than it could push it in through Sanibel. My house (looking across bay to Sanibel) got a storm surge of about 18 inches. The surge was less than that of an anonymous tropical depression.

So anyway, what do they teach these guys? Storm surge is as much dependant upon the depth of the ocean bottom, the shape of the shoreline, and natural drainage. They keep assumming that a direct hit always means the worst flooding. It just isn't so.

At 8/31/2005 08:40:00 PM, Blogger CMAR II said...

Times Online has some pretty stunning pictures.

The Superdome is flooding. Houston,TX is taking 23K refugees and keeping them at the Astrodome.

There are 1 million people homeless tonight.

At 8/31/2005 10:08:00 PM, Blogger gatorbait said...

My kids and I are fine Depressed, tired and dirty, but fine


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