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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Iraq: The US war with Iran?

I recall Kat once writing a post on how the War in Iraq is probably the place where the US and Saudi are going to war, given the amount of Saudi suicidebombers they keep finding there. The thing with that war she said, was that it was a War by proxy against the US: They fund the Insurgency, supply them with the "true believers" who can't wait to die so they can have orgies in heaven and then are like "what? It's not us. we are not doing anything! We swear". Well, here is an article that argues the same point, with one exception: This is not a US-Saudi war by proxy, this is a US-Iranian war by proxy. Time's Michael Ware nailed down the details of Iran's plans to create a greater Iranian Shia empire from documents smuggled out of Iran and dozens of interviews with US, British and Iraqi intelligence officials, an Iranian agent, armed dissidents and Iraqi militia. The scope of the Iranian endeavor rivals the US objective of creating a secular Iraqi democracy. And it clearly involves a confrontation with the US for influence in the region. Iran's insurgency leader is Abu Mustafa Al Sheibani whose network is supplied by Iran, which introduced a new breed of roadside bombs more lethal than any seen before. Based on a design from the Iranian-supplied Lebanese militia Hezbollah, the weapon employs "shaped" explosive charges than can punch through a battle tank's armor like a fist through a cardboard wall. Sheibani's 280-strong team is divided into 17 bomb making and death squads. [...] Documents include extensive pay records from August 2004 that show Iran was paying the salaries of at least 11,740 members of the Badr Shia militia. A former member of Saddam's armored corps told Time last summer he was recruited by an Iranian intelligence officer in 2004 to compile the names and addresses of Interior Ministry officials working closely with American personnel. Read the whole thing.


At 8/17/2005 10:31:00 AM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Yep, especially as military action against Iran becomes more and more likely, I expect Iran will become more active supporting an "insurgency" in Iraq. In fact, they have openly threatened to do just that on a number of occassions.


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