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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Macgyver for President in 08?

Well, since Christopher Walken is out of the running for President business to my utter dismay-Just imagine the campaign slogan: "why run for president when you can be Walken?"- it is time for America to find another candidate capable of solving all of its problems and winning the War on Terror. In short, America needs a hero and a hero just might have answerd that call: Macgyver for President, ladies and getlemen. "A decision America won't regret." Not convinced? Macgyver understands the needs of the average American, tax breaks, free swiss army knifes for every child. A free Houseboat for every American! War on Terror? Macgyver will take care of this in under twenty four hours once elected, no blood shed, just common sense. His solution for Iraq? a roll of toliet paper, a piece of coal and a bit of string. That's all he will need for a democratic and free Middle East, Osama Bin Laden? Delivered to Washington smarting from one line quips and red-faced from a beating by a man armed with no more than a piece of chalk and an onion. This all within a week of entering the White House... Hell yeah, people. Go Macgyver!


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