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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sheikh Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has said before that he no longer wants to live in Neverland- because it's a tainted place for him now, tainted by the "devlisih" hands of the adults in the police- and that he is looking for a new home. He seems to think that there is a place where he can go to, where his eccentricities will be tolerated and accepted, and using the logic that only Michael Jackson would use, he believes that this place is... the Middle-East. Bahrain to be specific! That should end well, No? Poor Michael, his life is like a 24/7 prepetual trainwreck .


At 8/03/2005 12:31:00 AM, Anonymous Dan said...

Just what the Middle East needs, one more problem. Honestly I wouldn't wish that freak on any country. However, I am happy he is leaving the USA.

At 8/03/2005 03:20:00 AM, Anonymous Highlander said...


At 8/03/2005 06:40:00 AM, Blogger gatorbait said...

Baharain's loss is the US's gain(everywhere else's ,too)

At 8/03/2005 08:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What?! Not Liberia??


At 8/03/2005 12:27:00 PM, Blogger yochanan said...

i recently read on a Bahraini womans blog that she called the place (Bahrain) wonderland. So i guess it figures.


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