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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Sinai face-off continues

In this riveting developing story, The 4000 pansies that call themselves the egyptian police force, who have been incapable of bringing down 15 militants hiding in a mountain, are finally getting some help from the Army. Chances are the Police are scared because they are not used to the Officers dying: it's usually the low-payed (10 dollars a month) police soldiers (yes, we have those, our Police follows the millitary structure, how do you think we have police generals? Ohh, yours doesn't? oh..) who usually get killed trying to bring in the terrorists, while the lazy fat police officers sit in the air-conditioned cars. Now that some of them are dead and injured, they are shocked, shocked, that they might have to do something themselves, and since they are unaccustomed to this, they are retreating and asking for the army's help. On the bright side, the local government newspapers are feeding the people's Israel conspiracy theories by informing them that the I.E.D's explosives weren't actually mines (Ha, I told you so Raf. Ohhhh yeahhh! In your face!) but were actually from an "imported explosive material", the same one used for the Sharm and Taba bombings mind you, which would transalte in the minds of the average egyptian to the preferred conclusion= Israel. Somehow they will rationalize that it's all the Jews' fault and that the Moussad is behind it all. As one of my readers told me "How the Moussad does all of this and still has time to kick puppies, I have no idea. I tell you, us jews never sleep". But let's face it, since Israel is the hanger on which we hang all of our failures, why not this one as well? Right? This world is stupid!


At 8/29/2005 04:23:00 AM, Blogger raf* said...


all i'd said was "don't jump to conclusions". back then it could've very well been an old landmine. you were right ... with your GUESS.

but don't you wish you'd been wrong?


At 8/29/2005 04:42:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

I don't know: part of me does, you know, the part that doesn't wish for death and conflict Iraq style to come to Egypt.

The other part of me is glad that this is happening, because the security people are paying attention to actual matters of security, instead of just being occupied with stopping Anti-Mubarak demonstrators.

Plus, the side benefit:

Our police needed a wake-up call. They needed to realize that the arbitrarry jailing and arrest of people, torturing them and making them dissappear wouldn't be consequence free forever. That they actually need to do some investigating, use their brains, instead of just arresting 3000 people and torturing them all in hopes one would know something. My guess, by the time this is over, if it's over, they will stop pulling this shit.

Not to mention, it should refocus them back into why they have jobs in the first place: The Police in Egypt is a political police, they only care for protecting the people in power, not the regular citizens, which is why they let the bedouins do as they please because they weren;t causing any trouble. This should force them to actually do their jobs because their lives is on the line, which in turn would mean that we, the people, would also get protected.

So I dunno. I am still conflcited about this whole thing.

BTW, i was kidding about the "In your face" thing. Just giving you a shout out is all.

And it wasn't a guess mr. smarty pants, it was deductive reasoning. HA!


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