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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hearts and minds?

This lead Iraqi Sunni cleric declared his support to the "Iraqi resistance" and credited them for stopping the American Imperialist plans in the arab world, something he believes the arab countries should be thankful for. Oh, i am sure the dead iraqi civillians to your glorious resistance attacks are grateful as well. Douchebag!


At 9/04/2005 06:20:00 AM, Anonymous Iskandarani watani said...

Mesh kol el nas betheb tefal2as lel amrican zayak ya za3eem:)

At 9/04/2005 06:28:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

LOL. Mashy ya watani.:)

At 9/04/2005 06:36:00 AM, Anonymous IW said...

Ay khedma:)

At 9/04/2005 02:01:00 PM, Blogger Papa Ray said...

Iraqi cleric emerges as serious U.S. foe

"In the year since he founded the ultraconservative Association of Islamic Scholars, Hareth al-Dhari has emerged as the closest thing U.S. military officials have to a public face for the shadowy insurgency that controls most of Anbar province, including the flashpoint towns of Ramadi and Fallujah."

I think someone should take this guy and al-Sadr and tie them together along with a heavy weight and drop them in the nearest river.

But thats' just me.

Papa Ray
West Texas


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