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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hamas comes out to the light

In an effort to increase their popularity and reinvent themselves, Hamas decided to reveal the names and ranks in the military wing leadership. The shadowy military wing of Hamas went public Saturday, revealing the names of its top commanders and outlining the history and increasing sophistication of its attacks against Israel in the latest salvo in the battle for credit over Israel's withdrawal from Gaza. Of course, they are so brave that they didn't release those names until the Israelis evacuated Gaza. That's what I call bravery! Don't you? Anyway, they are up to no good, again! The Islamic group insists its fighters drove Israel out, while Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas credits his nonviolent approach. The jockeying for public opinion ahead of Palestinian legislative elections next year could have lasting implications for the future makeup of the Palestinian Authority and the fate of nascent peace efforts with Israel. Ok, let's be honest here: It wasn't either of those 2 clown groups. Sharon withdrew because of his deal with the US and his own strategy for Israel. But whatever.. In comments posted on the Web site, Deif warned that Hamas would use force if Palestinian police tried to disarm or arrest members of the group. "We will respond to any attack, whether from the Authority or from the Israelis," Deif was quoted as saying. Deif also said that Izzedine al Qassam would not disband and would continue to develop weapons, including rockets. Hassan Yousef, a Hamas leader in the West Bank , said Izzedine al Qassam came forward "to show the role of resistance in liberating Gaza." Alluding to the competition with Abbas, he said: "They (the militants) felt that there are some people who wanted to downplay the role of the resistance." Ok, you know what? Screw you Hassan Yousef. The resistance did shit. The only reason why the Israelis didn't kill all of your sorry asses is because it would look bad. However, in an outright war or conflict, you know you are doomed to lose. Everyone with half a brain knows you would lose. Then why the shit-talking? Are you crazy or just stupid? Do you so deeply want to continue this conflict and increase the misery of your people? Cause, you know, that's what will end up happening! Ugh, whatever. I said it once, and I will say it a thousand times: Hamas has got to go.


At 9/04/2005 07:26:00 AM, Blogger thewiz said...

I always had a different take on why Sharon withdrew from Gaza and your comments about him always being a tactician instead of a strategist reinforces my opinion.

As a tactician, he is looking for battlefield results, not geopolitical. He didn't do it to placate the US or the world. He did it because it made good military sense.

There are three possible outcomes from the withdrawal. The first is that the Palestinians will form a government in Gaza and live peacefully. This would relieve much pressure on the Israeli military and the cost of maintaining control there and free up assets for other uses. A side benefit is the good will that he has gained from what the world sees as making such a courageous first step. Unfortunately, history has shown that this is the least likely and Sharon knows that.

The second, and more likely outcome, is that the Hamas or Hezbullah will take control and use it a base for terror against Israel. This may actually be a way to draw in the terrorists into a small area and into the open where they can be killed. If this comes about, Sharon has enough militsry power to easily retake the area. Additionally, Israeli generals have stated before that if another war breaks out, they will go straight to Damascus. Allowing Gaza to become a terror stronghold that needs cleaning may just be the excuse that Sharon needs to get rid of Assad, his biggest and nearest nemisis.

But the third outcome is the most likely of all and there are hints that it is already coming about. Israel has many enemies, Hamas, Hezbullah, the PLO, the el something-or-other Martyrs Brigade, the list goes on and on. It is impossible to negotiate with ten enemies at once. The only route to peace is to find a way to destroy most of their enemies and then negotiate with the last one left. Doing so militarily against all these enemies would be nearly impossible.

But by withdrawing from such a strategic area creates a power vaccum that must be filled. These terror groups are now trying to each take control of the area. And again history shows that it won't be pretty but be very violent. The tensions are already starting to boil. It is almost inevitab;le that we will see a major battle between Hamas and the PLO. Would the Hezbullah stay out of such a fight? Doubtful. Soon we could see battles waging between all the Palistinian groups. What better way to destroy your enemies than to have them destroy each other??

And if the violence gets to where it threatens Israeli security, Sharon can then move in, clean up the mess, and still have an excuse to go all the way to Damascus.

I think that Sharon is a frickin genious!!


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