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Monday, September 19, 2005

A woman running in a local Board election in Saudi

A Saudi woman is making history by being the first woman in her country to ever run for an election, even though it is the for the chamber of commerce board election. They weren't going to allow it, however, something happend that changed their minds: The Saudi women spoke up! She entered four days after Trade Minister Hashem bin Abdullah Yamani overruled a decision by the Jiddah Trade and Industry Chamber to reject the nominations of 10 businesswomen to run for positions on the chamber's board. The intervention was an unprecedented move in a country where women are under heavy restrictions, including being barred from driving a car or traveling without a male guardian's permission. [...] A flood of petitions from businesswomen asking to be allowed to run prompted Yamani to order the chamber to open the door to women candidates and allow women to vote. He also ordered the election for the 18-member board to be postponed until Nov. 15 to give time for new candidates, including women, to come forward. More than 30 businesswomen are expected to seek seats on the board. Awesome! Maybe they should do the same thing to get the right to drive! I know, I know, but I can dream, damn it!


At 9/19/2005 09:10:00 AM, Blogger christina/ohio said...

The right to vote for American women didn't come until 1920. That was the first step! I think it is great that she is running for an office, it is the first step. Once women in the Middle East get their right to vote and then start exercising it, things will change for them.

I used to work the elections here and still remember seeing elderly couples come in where the husband would tell the wife who to vote for. It wasn't that long ago that that was the way it was here. It won't be over night but I'd guess by the time you are in your 40's that things will have changed alot. it is up to those your age to change the status Quo. Enjoy!


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