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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Angelican church conference in Egypt denounces Canads and US churches

There was apparantly a meeting of angelican Bishops from all over the developing world in Egypt and they are mad as hell at the Angelcian churches in Canada and the US over Gay marriage. They say if those churches won't stop gay mariages, they will have to be kicked out. "I still believe there is room for us to walk together," said Drexel Gomez, archbishop of the West Indies, speaking on the sidelines of a six-day meeting of the Global South group which began in Egypt on Tuesday. "But if they (the United States and Canada) refuse to buy into what we call the Anglican consensus then I believe that those people who cannot accept the consensus are the ones who must leave," he told Reuters. They are kicking the white people out of the church over gay marriage. Interesting.


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