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Monday, October 10, 2005

Shroeder is out, Merkel is in

Break out the champaigne, Gerard "the dipshit" Shroeder is out of the Chancellor seat and Merkel is in. Wohoooooooooo. Conservative leader Angela Merkel said Monday she had reached a "good and fair" deal that will make her Germany's first female chancellor in a power-sharing agreement that would end Gerhard Schroeder's seven years in office. Under the agreement, which ends a three-week political deadlock, Merkel would have to give most of the seats in the new Cabinet to Schroeder's Social Democrats as the price of governing, including top jobs such as foreign minister. Merkel also said good relations with the United States — another possible sticking point with Schroeder's party — would be a priority. "I am convinced that good trans-Atlantic relations are an important task and that they are in Germany's interests," she said. That's my Girl!


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