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Saturday, November 05, 2005

All about the glue

Men are getting glued all over the place man. First there is this man whose ex glued his genitals to his abedomen and his buttocks together... A man claims his ex-girlfriend owes him more than $30,000 for gluing his genitals to his abdomen five years ago. "This was not just some petty domestic squabble," attorney Grey Pratt told a Westmoreland County jury Wednesday. [...] Slaby contends that O'Toole invited him over to her home on May 7, 2000, where he fell asleep. He woke up to find that O'Toole had used Super Glue to stick his genitals to his abdomen, glued his buttocks together and spelled out a profanity on his back in nail polish. Slaby said O'Toole told him it was payback for their breakup, and he had to walk a mile to a gas station to call for help. Ouch. And then there is the dude that said getting glued to a toilet seat in home depot ruined his life. A Colorado man who had a panic attack when he found he was glued to a toilet seat in a Home Depot restroom has sued the home improvement giant for negligence, saying staff ignored his plight. Retired electrical engineer Bob Dougherty, 57, said on Thursday he was stuck in the stall with his pants down for about 20 minutes and that two years after the 2003 incident he was suffering from post-traumatic stress, which has triggered diabetes and heart complications. "I have these nightmares every night where I am locked in this dark room, with no windows, no doors, no fresh air, no route for escape. I wake up in these cold sweats," Dougherty said. Oh Boy!


At 11/05/2005 07:53:00 AM, Blogger richsanter said...

sounds like a lot of bs to me. i mean, how could he get glue on his butt? what person sits on a public toilet without putting 8 layers of toilet paper on the seat first? i mean, you gotta have at least a half dozen layers. everyone knows this.


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