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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Gall of Bisho

Bashar "Bisho" Al Assad has a lot of gall and no shame. Check out what he said in his latest speech about Lebanon to see what I mean. Many times we read or hear from foreign emissaries that the reason some foreign officials in these countries are angry...Today I'm using the third person, saying "they" and "them," but you all know who I mean by “they” and them”. Americans, Jews, Europeans, and Jews. Did I mention Jews? It's the Jews. Anyway.. The reason they are angry at Syria is that President Bashar Al-Assad made a commitment to them to carry out internal reform, and has not done so. I didn’t know that the Syrian people appointed them as representatives instead of his parliament members, and President Bashar is supposed to make commitments to these foreign officials. I didn’t know they cared for us more than we care for ourselves. But like, You see, you don't care about your people. It's not just you, it's a common trait in the arab leaders club. Not to mention, who are you kidding? No one in the syrian parliament would dare to oppose or say anything to you about your broken promises or your despotic rule. So yeah, maybe the critics have no right to speak in the name of the syrian people, but neither do you Bisho boy. The truth is that this indicates great contempt – not towards Syria, I’m talking about the Arab countries in general. This is how they view us, as if we do not exist – a land without a people or resources without owners. Al-Hariri (followers) began accusing Syria of killing him. At the same time, they absolved Israel of this. Lol, Had to throw Israel back in there didn't you? Ok, let's see how you throw the blame on them this time. It is as if they are saying Al-Hariri wasn’t good for Syria but he was good for Israel, and this is not true. Oh, so whatever is good for syria is bad for Israel and vice versa? So if Al Harriri opposed Syria he is supporting Israel? I love your logic Bisho. You are not reaching at all. Why are they portraying him as a traitor? Ok, what the hell is he talking about? Did anyone, ever, anywhere, portray Al Harriri as a traitor? Or do you mean, because they are saying he opposed Syria, he was therefore pro Israel and therefore was a traitor? Ehh.. a traitor to who exactly? Is anybody getting this? The truth is that most of them are blood merchants. They’ve turned Hariri’s blood into a stock exchange. This stock exchange yields money and positions. Each newspaper article has a price, each stance has a price, and each TV broadcasting hour has a price. WOW. Ok, this is disgusting. I am done with this. You can read the rest of his speech here if you like. Me out.


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