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Sunday, November 13, 2005

La Pen ruling France?

For people who are familiar with french politics, there was this big upheavel when Jean Mrie La Pen, the extreemist right-wing political leader, came in third in the primaries. People voted for Chirac out of fear of La Pen, who was unexpectadly gaining popularity for his tough anti-immigration talk. But now, with everything that is happening in France, this Middle-east Times article is starting to notice that everything that La Pen has called for and said is getting adopted by the current french government. Here are some examples to prove that La Pen is indeed ruling France: He demanded a week ago that the prefects, the state-appointed governors of the French provinces, be authorized to impose curfews in their districts. This has now been done. He demanded that the 1955 law on closing all public places in a defined district, first passed during the Algerian War, should be dusted off and re-applied. This too has been done. Le Pen demanded the call-up of gendarme reservists (in France, they come under the authority of defense ministry) and this too has been done. He routinely uses the word racially (rabble, or scum) to describe the disaffected Muslim youth of the soulless tower blocks of France's believes, and now the minister of interior, Nicolas Sarcoxie (himself descended from Hungarian immigrants),causes an outcry by deploying the same term. Not convinced? How about now? Le Pen's demand for "repression based on zero tolerance" was echoed by Sarcoxie's latest statement, that "prevention, which is indispensable, should not exclude repression, whenever it shows itself to be just and necessary". Le Pen campaigned in the last regional election in 2004 for a return to apprenticeships at age 14, to give unemployed youth the prospect of jobs. This too has now been done by the embattled conservative government that seems to be dancing to Le Pen's tune, even as it resists the sweeping mass deportation of illegal immigrants and felons that Le Pen demands. Le Pen's slogan for the past 20 years - "France, love her or leave her" - has now been taken up by the rather more respectable right-wing of French politics. The nationalist lawmaker Philippe de Villagers, member of the National Assembly and leader of the Movement for France, is now using the slogan "France - you love her or you quit." And in saying he stands for "the de-Illumination of France," de Villagers is now the echo of Le Pen. Oh Lordy. Something tells me that the backlash that the muslim and african immigrants in France will suffer will be huge and painful. Those kids probably just screwed themselves over, and come the next elections, I would not be surprised if La Pen's party becomes a bigger contender, if not win. After all, not many people are objecting to what's being said by the government, and those are La Pen's own words, you know? Things are going to get ugly.


At 11/13/2005 08:24:00 AM, Blogger Milad said...

Totally disagree. I think Le Pen won’t be able to get benefit from what happens now. Only the PS (socialist party) can provide a valid alternative… if they overcome their internal problems.

At 11/13/2005 09:22:00 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

What did I say in a prior topic?
That the inability of the left or even center right to deal with the situation as America would, with a strong right of center middle, that absolutely would not tolerate this shit, will enable the far right to rise up. How far is anyone's guess.

I also said that this rise with a rise in nationalism as well will bring with it all the other prejudices of the right, for Jooos, blacks and different ethnicities than the "native European".


At 11/09/2006 04:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey yo, dude that typed this up, thank u for posting this on the web cause my class has to write a 10000 word essay on La Pen. I used your thing that u wrote to help me.


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