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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


My Flight was a disaster, even though I was sitting business class. There was a bug in the video system on the plane, so only 2 movies played on my own TV entertainment console : Herbie: Fully loaded and Cinderella man. To add more insult to injury, the audio language tracks were all messed up, and the english ones weren't working, so I had to chose between watching Cinderella man in french or Herbie: Fully Loaded in Japanese. And you thought that Lindsay Lohan can't possibly get more annoying. Try Lindsay Lohan speaking Japanese. That's punishment.

" This passport guy was so rude. I told him I was here visiting my cousins who live here. He asks me if they were egyptians too. When I said yes, he smirked and said "Not any-mooooore!" This egyptian kid I met on the plane.
My connection flight was supposed to be in 4 hours, so I was counting on the airport entry or customs dudes to act like assholes or something and take me to that side room for like an hour or so like they used to. I would've welcome it this time cause I had time to waste. Foiled again. They let me pass through in exactly 30 seconds. The customs guy didn't even look at my customs sheet and he just let me through. He then proceeded to search everyone that came after me. Grrrrrrrr.....
A Magazine had Jack Black on its cover with the headline "The King Kong of comedy!". Oh how clever and original.
COMAIR SUCKS. It's this airline that's a Delta affiliate. It sucks. Never take it. Fly Jetblue instead. Hell, Airtran is an awesome airline next to Comair.
I was invited over for a christmass dinner at a friend's house. She and her family are scottish immigrants who happen to be vegeterian buddhists. So you basically had a muslim and a bunch of scottish buddhists celebrating christmas by having a vegeterian christmas dinner. Ohh yeah! On the bright side, they put whiskey in like..everything. In the eggnog, on the christmas cake (then lit it on fire, which was awesome) and in my glass on the rocks to my drunken joy. I officially love scottish people now.
You figure out the reason why you are overweight when you pass by the delis and restaurants in the neighbourhood you used to live in and the people who work there not only know you by name, but they get out and greet you with hugs and ask you when you are planning on moving back to your old place. I am guessing their business has sufferd ever since I moved away. Hmmm..........
I am currently staying at a friend's house in this old hippie area in Boston, which is cool, except that like, everybody in that neighbourhood, and I mean everybody, likes to shower with the curtains open with a full view of everyone on the street. I am not sure how I feel about that yet, but I bet I would be far more comfortable with it if we had more hot female neighbours. You know?


At 12/29/2005 06:45:00 AM, Anonymous Jokerman said...

scottish imigrants who are vegetarian budhists??????? man, i feel sorry for you!


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