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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Schwarzenegger makes Austrian mayor his Bitch!

One day after the governrator told the Austrians politicians from his hometwon- who denounced his decision to deny clemency to Tookie and wanted to rename the Schwarzenegger stadium as punishment-to shove it where the sun don't shine and take his name off of anything they have, the mayor of that town is now publically begging him not to do so. Hehehe. PUNK! The mayor of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian hometown on Tuesday begged the California governor to reconsider his decision to cut ties to the city after locals assailed him for his death penalty stance. Siegfried Nagl, mayor of the southern city of Graz, said he wrote Schwarzenegger pleading with him not to return a ring of honor bestowed on him by officials in his birthplace in 1999 and reassuring him that most residents still admire him. "I hope that very soon we'll hear you say, 'I'll be back,'" Nagl told the actor-turned-politician, one of Austria's most famous sons. [...] Nagl told Austrian television he hoped to persuade Schwarzenegger. At a minimum, he said, he hoped to persuade Schwarzenegger to keep the ring — though he conceded he did not expect to succeed. "Those who know him realize he sticks to his opinions," he said. "The chances are not good. I regret this deeply, but I understand." Well, then why didn't you speak up against the drive before Mr. Mayor? Oh right, re-election: Kurt Flecker, a local official with the opposition Social Democrats, said Schwarzenegger damaged his own image — not Graz's — by refusing to spare Williams' life. There is no point, he said, in "glorifying anyone who supports the death penalty." Walter Ferk, the deputy mayor of Graz, said Schwarzenegger's decision to allow executions to go forward makes him "an unsuitable godfather for a public building." An unsuitable godfather for a public building. Hmmm.. Is everyone in that town retarded?


At 12/21/2005 10:07:00 AM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Well, the wonderful germans who feel that life in prison is preferable to the death penalty just a hezbollah murderer.

"A Lebanese man who was serving a life sentence in Germany for the 1985 hijacking of a TWA jetliner and the killing of a U.S. Navy diver has returned to Lebanon after German authorities paroled him"

That's the guy who tossed the body of a US Navy diver he shot onto the runway in Beirut, in 1985.

He just became a hezbollah legendary hero.

Fuck you very much, Germany. Wonderful way to back up your opposition to the death penalty. This man is only 39 years old. Younger than me. He's got another 20 good years of murder in him yet.

My next question is, if this man myseteriosuly commits suicide by shooting himself in the head 4 or 5 times, will the US be accused of an illgeal assassination?

Sometimes, I feel like the Europeans really don't get it.

At 12/21/2005 02:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Survey says..... YES!!!


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