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Thursday, January 06, 2005

A prayer!

Britney Spears is reportedly set to quit pop music - to become a forensic scientist. The sexy star has allegedly told friends she is considering swapping her singing career for student life and enrolling at university to study for a degree after being motivated by the TV series CSI. Please God, let that be true! PLEASE!


At 1/06/2005 07:41:00 AM, Blogger Josie said...

Britney, take Ashlee Simpson with you to university... plllllleeeeeeeeaaaase!!!

At 1/06/2005 07:47:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

I second that!

Good idea josie!

At 1/06/2005 08:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please send her way up the Nile somewhere!


At 1/06/2005 08:27:00 AM, Blogger Jeffrey said...

Okay, listen.

Ashlee Simpson gets booed by 70,000 fans at the Orange Bowl, right?

The next day the network says they were "satisfied" with her performance.

Uh ... Sam, it looks like the Mainstream Media lives in it very own PARALLEL UNIVERSE, perhaps with some of the same attributes of the APU.

I mean, Jeezus. 70,000 booing fans.



At 1/06/2005 11:28:00 AM, Blogger WakkaJewbacca said...

From the New York Post, Page Six
January 6, 2005 -- THE skanky scent wars are over and Britney Spears has "kicked Paris Hilton's butt," a source said. Both Spears and Hilton came out with perfumes. Spears named her scent Curious, while Hilton's is called Paris. Fragrance-industry insiders say Spears has soundly outsold Hilton. "Britney's perfume was with Elizabeth Arden while Paris did her deal with a second-tier company, Parlux, and it shows," the spy said. Hilton is said to be extremely upset at the poor sales.

At 1/06/2005 12:02:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...

Simpson, Hilton sisters, Nicole Smith, 4 cats, Ruby

I suggest we banish them to the Norfolk Island..only thing they are gonna get is a tan.


At 1/06/2005 12:05:00 PM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Ruby and the 4 cats. lol

At 1/06/2005 05:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms Spears should go home to to Kentwood, drive down I-55 to Southeastern and go for it. Two things would be accomplished.Brit would be forced out of the limelight and SLU would have a new cheerleader for the JV .



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