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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Diplomacy a la Powell

Colin Powell apparently isn't happy with his exit of the political arena on the hand of W. and he is going for a little revenge: He is influencing 2 wavering republican senators to vote against confirming Botlon. President Bush on Thursday issued a strong new defense of John R. Bolton, his nominee as ambassador to the United Nations. But associates of Colin L. Powell, the former secretary of state, said he had expressed reservations about Mr. Bolton in conversations with at least two wavering Republican senators. The associates said Mr. Powell, in private telephone conversations, had made clear his concerns about Mr. Bolton on several fronts, including his harsh treatment of subordinates. The accounts of Mr. Powell's private messages about Mr. Bolton suggested a new gulf between the former secretary of state and Mr. Bush. In a speech in Washington on Thursday, Mr. Bush portrayed Democratic opposition to Mr. Bolton as politically driven, and urged the Senate to confirm the nomination. The fact that some people still listen to Colin Powell blows my mind. The man has no credibility left, both on the left and the right. Not to mention, he sucked at his job : Condi achieved in the past few months more then he was able to do for 4 full years. You know why? She tells it like it is, and he is more the "diplomatic" type. Which is why he doesn't like Bolton, another tells it like it is guy. This man is being berrated and might not get confirmed for calling Kim Jong II a “tyrannical dictator" and life in North Korea a "hellish nightmare", which for the record is true. Amazingly no one of those attacking him raised a single objection when North Korea called him a "Bloodsucker" and "Human scum". Guess that's the diplomatic term for someone who tells the truth these days!


At 4/24/2005 09:35:00 AM, Blogger stefania said...

Let Powell take revenge. I hope that Bush will stop him and Bolton will be confirmed. The UN ( and the whole world ) needs a wise and non-appeaser person like Bolton.

The UN has become a tool for dictators and terrorists.

Bolton will pressure it to change - or die.

At 4/24/2005 04:20:00 PM, Anonymous Patrick said...

I usually agree with you, but this time, we differ. Colin Powell is a very respectable and noble person. He got his job done with what little the hawks in the Bush administration gave him. He has the ability to see issues from more than one perspective, knows what it's like to be in war, and has the ability to understand other people in other parts of the world. Condoleeza Rice is a mumbling idiot who would be nowhere in government were it not for affirmative action. John Bolton is not a respectable figure. Sending him to represent America at the United Nations is like sending John Ashcroft to a meeting of Islamic states. Neither John Bolton nor Condoleeza Rice have any qualifications to be in the positions they're at today.

At 4/25/2005 10:11:00 AM, Blogger Bedouin Cowboy said...

Kim Jong Il is the worst of the worst. He is much worse than even Saddam. I hope that bastard gets hit by a bus. I would 100% back a war against that guy any day of the week for any flimsy excuse that can be dredged up.


At 4/26/2005 12:55:00 AM, Blogger J. Francis Lehman said...

Sorry, Patrick, but Dr. Rice is one of the world's foremost authorities on International Relations.

Seems that Gen. Powell has contracted Clinton Syndrome, which is characterized by an inability to leave the world stage gracefully, once your part in the ongoing play has ended.


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