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Monday, April 04, 2005

Stop the (Nonexistent) draft

For those of you who didn't know, and that's probably like 99% of you, March 31st was the US National Day of Action to Stop the Draft. This may seem all confusing to you, because you know that the US Draft was canceld like 30 ears ago. Low and behold, it seems to be back, at least in the minds of the lefties who created this website. Now i am sure that you must feel ashamed of yourselves for not particpating in stopping the Evil Bush™ Draft that will surely kill and maim all of your kids. TSK TSK TSK. Shame on you . SHAME! It's funny cause even though Bush and everyone else on the right have said over and over that there will be no reinstatment of the draft, the left- even Hacksworth- still seems to believe that it's just a matter of time. Now let me tell and assure you right now: It ain't gonna happen, no matter how logical it might be to implement in light of the current stretching of American troops. You know why? It's an election killer. Much like promoting a law legalizing and regulating all drugs , anyone who will seriously advocate or support bringing back the draft is sure to recieve the ass beating of their lifetimes in the next elections. This is a big "NO-NO" issue in the eyes of the average american family. It's not that they don't want their kids to serve or are not proud of them if they do, it's that they don't want them to be forced to serve against their will and they will bring down any politician - on the left or the right- who will attempt to do that. Since politicians are mainly in it for their own survival and want to get re-elected, 99% of them will not dare support any proposal to bring back the draft. Got it? Allright.


At 4/04/2005 11:26:00 AM, Anonymous Sunshine said...

You're right that there probably won't be a draft, just because it's so unpopular that nobody in congress would vote for it. But when people in the Bush Administration say "there won't be a draft" it makes us nervous, because we know they are raging liars.

At 4/04/2005 03:10:00 PM, Blogger Josie said...

I got this info from one of my in-laws, and when I tried to tell her the facts, she got angry with me because she thought I was somehow defending Bush. I'm not really understanding why my liberal friends that used to seem so reasonable seem so angry now... well, maybe I do.


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