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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Culture War: Cheerleaders Bill and Chaste Popstars

You know, i know that i am an egyptian blogger and i live in Egypt, but i can't help my utter fascination with the ongoing culture war in the US. Here are 2 pieces of news that i found today: The Texas House has just passed a bill that "would outlaw any move considered to be sexually suggestive or provocative" 65-56. If the bill passes the Senate it will actually become a law. The guy who drafted it-Rep. Al Edwards- said: "Some of this is a distraction and we see that as a result more of our young girls being pregnant in middle and high schools, dropping out of school, having babies, and contracting AIDS and herpes." How cheerleading causes pregnancies and herpes, i have no idea. I am also wondering, how do they intend to enforce it? Like will they pay men to sit around all day and watch teenage girls in cheerleader outfits do cheerleading routines and then like hit a buzzer everytime they get turned on or get an erection? If so, where can i sign up to be such an observer? It seems like a great job for a perver..ehh..a morally upright person like myself. Don't you think so? On the other hand, it seems that the new "In" thing in teenage pop music is chastity. Slutty singers? Out! Ain't that something? According to Youth Observed! Inc., a firm of professional trend spotters based in Northbrook, IL, a growing number of teenage girls care less about the style of music being performed, or even the look of the female artist performing it, than they do about the values and morals of the artist. Chastity is in, says YO! analyst Samantha Triphorn. Dirty girls, sluts, and nymphos: decidedly out. "In our polls and focus groups conducted with teen girls, we're hearing them say over and over again that the single biggest factor that motivates them to break out the debit card and buy that CD is whether the artist is 'chaste,'" says Triphorn. "The question for these girls is 'is the singer saving it for marriage?'" And in order to find out, music labels will put a new sticker that says "C" on CD's of such artists. C of course stands for Chaste. I am not kidding. Unlike the parental advisory stickers that currently adorn everything from lewd hip hop recordings to foul-mouthed heavy metal, the new labels will bear a single letter: 'C,' for 'chaste,' meaning that the female artist behind the recording has either taken a virginity vow, is now married or has pledged to reclaim her virginity. "You look at the Billboard 'hot 100' for 2004 and at least three of the top performing females—Jessica, JoJo and Britney—took these virginity pledges," says an industry source. "That says something." That they all signed deals with the devil to make them famous? That people who buy pop music have horrible taste in music in general? Cause , you know, that's what that says to me. The industry is currently limiting the new 'C' stickers to its lineup of female performers. Nothing for the male performers huh? Even Chastity is misogynistic. Gotta love the culture war!


At 5/05/2005 04:30:00 PM, Blogger Kat said...

We've been ranting about the Texas Cheerleader bill for a few days. it's bullshit, straight up because it is far too subjective. maybe these chics should go back to wearing poodle skirts?

I was the one complaining about the "gay tolerance" crap the other day, too. Sure, I think society has a few things it could do to help put a little more "good" back into it, but I hate these stupid law things. they are worse than doing nothing.

And the C on the labels? marketing bullshit, nothing more. I'll let you know if I see any on any CDs in the near future. Bet you its limited to Christian music.

I recall when Amy Grant fell off her pedestal and everyone found out she was having an affair with that country and western male singer (who was married). kind of sent her career crashing down.

At 5/05/2005 08:28:00 PM, Blogger J. Francis Lehman said...

"...has reclaimed her virginity status."

How in the hell do you "reclaim" your virginity?! Is that like rebuilding your carbeurator or something? Gimme a break.

At 5/05/2005 11:41:00 PM, Anonymous ViceGrip said...

It is refreshing to find out that I am not the only one wondering why we are waisting time and money worrying about what our cheerleaders are doing. I know that Football is big here in Texas. But get a grip people, the illegal aliens are not coming across the boarder to see your half naked daughters shaking her but! Hey Al Edwards, would you please quit fucking off and get some real work done. Quit waisting our tax dollars and out time just so you can get your ugly mug on TV.

It is also funny that we worry about corrupting the morals of our youth and we are not doing more to clean up what we broadcast on TV and what we show in Movies. Hey people, the reason most of the world thinks we are whacked is the crap we export from Hollywood. Sorry fokes, that ain't what life is like here.

Just some Rantings from an Texan.


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