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Monday, May 16, 2005

Europeans are not stupid!

Check out this article by an Angry European, who got incensed by the allegation posed by the Vice President and Commissioner of the European Union in her speech: That if you are feeling nationalistic and not supporting the EU constitution, then you are person who would like to experience the Nazi days all over again. His response to her: Lady, we may be Europeans, but we are not stupid. (Hattip Stefania) You know, the whole EU thing has been baffeling me for quite sometime, and my european friends' reaction has been adding to my confusion. Let me be a little clearer. The EU in theory is a good idea, or at least has been up until recently. Most of its members are rich developed nations and despite their crazy business regulations they had a good eceonomy going and seemed to be heading to a brighter economic future with the introduction of the strong Euro and all. At least that was the case, until they started allowing other countries- mostly ex-soviet Union east-european countries in. That's when i knew that they were in trouble. You see, western Europe already suffers from heavy unemployment, thanks to the huge number of illegal immigrants living and working there. You add to that the mostly socialist nature of the governments there, and you can guess how much taxes they pay there (Hint: pretty damn high) to support failed government programs that don't really help their economy or their people. You add to that flocks of cheap legal labor coming from those newly admitted east-european countries and you have yourself a serious problem, if you were western-european that is. Take Germany for example (Most of following information was provided to me by my german friends): It is the biggest country there, with the most votes and population, and it currently has the worst economy, thanks to the inclusion of east germany and the attempt to bring up that part of the country to west Germany standards. Apparently they realized that rebuilding that part of the country from scratch is going to cost lots of money, so they decided to raise the taxes on their people. The west germans were the ones affected, the east germans don't pay taxes, because they collect unemployment, which in germany has no expiration date. Actually, the social economic policies in germany are so lopsided, that illegal immigrants with large families are entitled to a House and a car, given to them by the State,which doesn't give the same benefits to actual germans. Apparently the illegal immigrants are more disadvantaged, so they are entitled to more then the actual citizens of the country. Interesting, huh? But now, with all those new members joining the EU, the germans are freaking out, because there will be a flood of cheap new workers who are elligable to work in their country, so naturally their jobs will suffer and economy will suffer. And this will not only happen in Germany, this will be happening all over Western Europe, so its not like they can move to another european country for a better job. This will affect all europeans, why aren't they doing something about it? Aren't they smarter and more educated? Why can't they see this coming? Why aren't they saying something? I just don't get it!


At 5/16/2005 11:49:00 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

I think the Europeans actually do realize what a mess it has become, but the European Union has developed a life of its own. Orginally the concept of a European Union was seen as a way to prevent future wars and help Europe rebuild from World War II. The Europeans had been obsessed with finding a way to make another European-wide war impossible ever since the First World War. The only problem is that it has expanded its scope and developed into a buracratic mess over the years. The fact that the EU constitution is thousands of pages long should be proof enough of just how bad the mess is. The EU has changed from an economic and political alliance to something resembling an actual government. Everyone is committed to the orginal concept, and I think they have tunnel vision. It has been a goal for so long that backing out or admitting the EU needs a major reworking is just politically unthinkable to the politicians and a large percentage of the population.

At 5/16/2005 03:11:00 PM, Blogger littlewhy said...

The West Europeans could immigrate to the U.S. We don't have enough Germans as it is.

At 5/17/2005 04:16:00 AM, Blogger stefania said...

Maybe I'll immigrate to the US. No jobs here..

At 6/06/2005 09:16:00 AM, Blogger Brian H said...

The linked article says the French rejected the "ultra liberal" constitution. Actually, they were afraid it was the opening wedge for UK conservatism and the reduction of their benefit and vacation packages.

The real lesson is that there is no "happy medium" in the EU. The project is inane and doomed.


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