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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lebanon heats up

Ok, so now that the Lebanese election is almost here, and Syria is out, the political situation in Lebanon starting to really get interesting, especially with the return of the exiled former PM Michel Aoun, who, in case you didn't guess, is christian and is naturally supported by the christians there. At first it seemd like that Aoun and Hezbollah were going to form a Christian/ Shia muslim front against the Saad Harriri and Jumbalat Sunni/Druze Front. I thought that was incredibly interesting, since it seemd that the Shia would rather throw their hats with the christians then with the Sunnis, who are also muslim, which would mean that like everybody else, when push comes to shove, the Shia would put their political interests above and beyoned any religious consideration and naturally i find that to be great. A step in the right direction in arab and islamic politics so to speak. Well, that didn't last long. The Shia apparently changed their minds and may be joining the Sunni/ Druze alliance after all, which of course is driving Aoun mad, since he sincirely thought that he is the most qualified to be the next leader of Lebanon. So the man who Jumbalat called the "returning Tsunami" is blasting his opponents and calling them the "subversive Tsunami". I dunno whats the deal with this whole Tsunami theme, but apparently Jumabalat and Harriri won't just take it, cause they both jabbed at him back, with Saad contending that Aoun has lost control of his senses and using Syria's "Treason literature" to shut the opposition up . The whole thing is politics of negativity at its best and I am loving it. Can't wait to see how this election will turn out. It's so far completly unpredictable. It's very exciting!


At 5/16/2005 04:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed.

I am amazed that even with very different culture and society, the "game" of politics stay the same.

Hopefully it will become a spectator sport of sorts in the Middle East. When the people are truely interested in the process, and the process is free & Open, even when they are 'passionate', the end result will be postive.


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