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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

They are going too far

So it's not enough that the egyptian police authorities harassed and sexually assaulted women on the day of the referendum, they are threatening them now? The statement included an appeal by Shaima Abu al-Khair, one of the women who were allegedly harassed at the proest march. "I am speaking here in my personal capacity and in the name of all women who were beaten and insulted on black Wednesday – the referendum day- …. That we are under pressure from the Egyptian government, and direct threat from the Ministry of Interior," she said. "We have been threatened with arrest, kidnapping, or fabricated charges against us and our family members." Those people have no shame!


At 6/14/2005 08:51:00 AM, Anonymous Alaa said...

I was at the prosecutor (neyaba whatever you call it) today trying in vain to tell about what happened to me on the 25th, I saw shaimaa and Abir there trying to file charges against those who are intimedating them.

the prosecutors disappeared and we did not show up until we threatened to hold a sit in.


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