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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why you should donate

As you can see to your right, I have added a donations button to my blog, thanks to my very old and good friend Kelly who agreed to create a paypal account for me (Kelly babe, luv ya!). Now , some of you may wonder to yourselves or publicly: “Why would I give an arrogant, self-involved know-it-all like you any of my money?”. Well, my dear skeptical cheap friend, let me tell you why, if supporting the Neo-con American Right-wing Zionist Christian Imperialist Conspiracy in the Middle-east isn't a good enough reason for you. First of all, I have had this blog up for a while now, and anyone who reads it can tell the time and effort I put in it. Well, what you don’t know that this time and effort came on the expense of my actual work, my social life and my sweet precious sleep. I have brought things to your attention that no one else did, and I have amused you with funny anecdotes and links, and I have entertained you and brought a smile to your face with my wit and humor. I have monitored, read, researched, reported and discussed all kinds of things that have raised my blood pressure and depressed me unnecessarily. I have said things about the regime and this country that are dangerous to say in public, let alone post it on the web in English, and I have done it without regard to my personal safety or convenience. I have done all this for over 7 months now and I did it all for you dear reader, all of it, without receiving a penny in return. Don’t you think it’s about time you gave something back to me, when I have given so much to you? Hmm, and if it’s not enough reason, think of it as an investment or insurance. You investing in me and my safety and insuring that I have a way out in case the shit hits the fan down here. This money , in essence, will be my runaway money in case bad things happen. It will also mean that –if I am able to raise enough- I might be able to come visit the states by the end of this summer, since my earlier visit has pretty much obliterated my savings and left me penniless. If you would like to meet me someday, that’s what this money will ensure: That the Sandmonkey would come to a town near you. The way I see it, this website receives anywhere from 600 to 900 unique visitors per day. Now if I can get just 300 of you to donate 10 dollars each, I would have enough money for me to come visit and stay for a week or two. Imagine that. 10 dollars. All of my hard work and effort , for a measly 10 dollars. You are getting one hell of a deal here. And if you agree that my work is more valuable then that, then please feel free to donate more. As much as you like really! Just get me to my figure of $3000, so that I can have my runaway money just in case things go to hell after the September elections and Mubarak decides to come after people like me. You still didn't donate? What are you waiting for? Push that donate button already. Jeez!

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