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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Catholic troubles in Argentina

Yet another scandal broke out for the catholic church, this time in Argentina and there is a videotape involved: The scandal broke over the weekend with newspaper reports that the Vatican had received a copy of a videotape showing Juan Carlos Maccarone, 64, the bishop of the poor northern province of Santiago del Estero, having "intimate relations" with a 23-year-old chauffeur. While the Bishop resigned from his post, the catholic church is crying conspiracy: Now Maccarone and other church officials say the bishop was set up. They suspect Maccarone was targeted for his work on behalf of the poor and his opposition to the clan of a former governor who ran the province much like a private fiefdom for nearly 50 years. "Everything points to . . . political revenge," said Rev. Guillermo Marco, a spokesman for the Buenos Aires archbishop. Homosexual sex, lies and a videotape. Oh Lord.


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