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Monday, August 22, 2005

Senator Hagel & the Vietnam analogy

I have been reading news reports that Vietnam Veteran, GOP senator and 08 presidential hopefull Chuck Hagel announced that Iraq looks like Vietnam and that the US needs to get out of there A.S.A.P. and not in 4 years or anything. He warned that if the US stays there for another 4 years, bad, very bad things will happen: Hagel added: "It would bog us down, it would further destabilize the Middle East, it would give Iran more influence, it would hurt Israel , it would put our allies over there in Saudi Arabia and Jordan in a terrible position." He continued: "And puppies will die, our daughters will become lesbians, the moon will crash into the earth, zombies will rise and eagels will eat your son's penis." Ok, he didn't really says that last part ; that last part was all me. I guess I ws doing that thing, whatchamacallit? Yeah, trying to make a point. anyway, here is what else he said. " It won't be four years. We need to be out." Mr Hagel, isn't it a little too early to be running for president? I mean, I understand that the public sentiment towards the Iraq War is not really popular in the US these days, but should you really be playing politics with something like that? Trying to score early points as the early dissenter are we? And please, can you explain to me again how exactly is the US stay there endangering Israel or increasing's Iran's influence? I would think that if the US left then that would increase Iran's influence in Iraq far more, no? And how is it endangering Israel exactly? What, arabs are hating it more? They want it destroyed all of a sudden now? Where have you been those past 60 years? Dude, you and I know that Iraq isn't Vietnam. So don't use that analogy, because the two situations aren't even comparable. I know you are a Vietnam Vet, and you think that gives you some kind of asbolute authority over topics of war for some reason, but so was John F'n Kerry. Big deal! Look, if you believe that the US should cut and run, then please read this and my comments here and why that would be a horrible thing to do. And dude, 4 more years isn't the worst case scenario, but don't take it from me, take it from your fellow GOP senator Lindsey Graham: "The worst-case scenario is not staying four years. The worst-case scenario is leaving a dysfunctional, repressive government behind that becomes part of the problem in the war on terror and not the solution," Graham said on "Fox News Sunday. Listen to the man, dude. Listen to the man.


At 8/21/2005 10:38:00 PM, Blogger Kat said...

Chuck is an ass. He's been saying stupid things like this for a year or more.

Dude doesn't even understand what Vietnam was and that is why these folks don't understand Iraq.

Vietnam was a battle in a greater war which most of these folks like to ignore or pretend that the other battles were their own wars or actions for their own reasons.

It had a purpose and technically served it even if it didn't come down in the "win" column.

We didn't win every battle in WWII and we didn't win the one in Vietnam nor the every accompanying skirmish there in. But it drained resources from the communist movement around the globe, taking off in Africa and South America. That was the end result. Didn't stop it, but slowed it considerably.

Iraq will not come down in the "lose" column. It's no where near Vietnam, not in resources allotted, not in wounded or KIA, certainly not in MIA and not even in the "discontent" at home.

I just find these guys so damn annoying.

At 8/22/2005 10:30:00 AM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Hagel pisses me off. He says sensible things once in a while, but I have no idea where he's going to come down on any particular issue. It's like he reads the paper in the morning and decides what his opinion that day is.

If I want to hear a vietnam vet's opinion, I'll go with John McCain. He thinks we need "more better" in Iraq, same as me, which means he's right :)

We had a lot of Vietnam vets in the Marines when I joined. Out in the field, we used to wake em up by poking them with a stick or throwing rocks at them, because they woke up trying to kill people. Not all of them, mind... just, maybe, 80% of them. Those are not the guys I go to for opinions about war fighting! A very smart guy told me a long time ago that before emulating people, I should ask myself if I want what they have. Well, I don't! And I don't think our young troopers in Iraq want to be experiencing post traumatic stress syndrom for the next 20 years either!

Iraq is not Vietnam! No matter how much some Vietnam Vets and ex-Hippies seem to want to make it so.

At 8/22/2005 02:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today Iraq delivered its draft Constitiution.

We are not bogged down.


At 8/22/2005 05:28:00 PM, Anonymous Tina said...

In the dark, all cats are black and to a flower child of the 60's all wars are Vietnam.

These people are getting old and they are trying desperately to relive the days of their youth. FGS, the Cindy protesters even had Joan Baez serinade them last night. I expect them to break out the tie-dye teeshirts any day now.


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