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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dude, Dell is Doomed!

This article shows why Dell may be having a little more trouble in the future than Jeff Jarvis' tiff with their customer service people. Don't buy Dell's people, by HP's or Toshiba's or Sony's. Dell computers are unreliable pieces of Junk. You have been warned!


At 9/01/2005 01:21:00 AM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Yep. I'm sitting in front of a Dell right now and I didn't even have to read those articles! Problems?

1) The "modem" it came with is actually a "modem emulator" that I was never able to get working right. Who cares, I use DSL... too bad for those who don't!

2) The "genuine" Sound Blaster Live! was actually some OEM knock-off that didn't even have the EAX chip ON THE CIRCUIT BOARD. Who needs an EAX chip on an EAX 3D sound card, right? Now this was a problem! Which leads to number 3!

3) The Dell Dude is a hindu guy in India! After 2 hours on hold, he told me it's Crative Labs fault! Creative Labs told me that Dell has a license to manufacture SB Live! cards, and that it Creative Labs would not support a sound card they didn't make. Callback to Dell got me a Hindu Girl in India, who put me on hold for an hour and then disconneted me!

4) $79 bucks got me a legit Sound Blaster Audigy, Dell piece of shit sound card went in the trash! No more calls to india! $79 bucks well spent!

Fuck Dell. I'm putting my next PC together from parts, or buying it from some Chinese guy who sells them out of his garage. Don't mullahs use computers? I'm surprised nobdoy has issued a Fatwa against the Dell Dude yet. I may do it myself.

And anyone who has a Dell and thinks it's a good PC? I suggest you make up some problem and try to get some help from the Dell Dude and see if you are a happy camper!

At 9/01/2005 11:21:00 AM, Blogger Mia said...

Thanks for the tip SM but it’s too late. I’m sitting in front of my $%#@! Dell Note Book right now.
I hate this damn thing the problems I’ve had with it are unfrigging believable! I won’t list them right now for fear of flooding your blog. The kicker this beeotch is only a few months old. Dell Support is a joke! I gotta laugh otherwise the tears would flow and not even a box of heavy duty super absorbent towels could soak them up. I only attempt to contact Dell support if I have a few hours free b/c it you’re on hold forever plus 3 days. One time I had to re-install my OS and the guy yes he was Indian couldn’t help me. I had to discover on my own that I had to remove the Windows XP Service Pack 2 first in order to reinstall my OS. When the Dell guy called me back to help me (he had a manual in hand I assume) I told him I had done it on my own and he was in total shock that the I had to remove the SP2 in order to fix my notebook. He actually learned something that day.
So Craig whenever you’re ready to issue that Fatwa against the Dell Dude count me in!


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