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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Omar Bakri is a punk!

People who read this blog know how much love I have for Omar Bakri and his ilk, and how happy I was when they arrested him in Lebanon, and than barred him from ever returning to Britian, the country which took him and his family in, supported him, while he was urging for War on it and praising its terrorists. Well, it seems that after leaving the land of the Infidels that should be destroyed and returning to the "Islamic" soil of lebanon, Omar is having a rough time, and lamenting the good old days he had living in London. (Q) How will you live? (A) I am not thinking of any particular profession and I do not have money. I will start my own business. In Britain, I lived on social security after my work permit was revoked in 1997. They started putting pressure on me and pursuing me because of the Islamic contributions. After they withdrew my work permit, they started giving me my social security money, like others. Today I find it difficulty renting an apartment because of the media campaign against me. Nobody wants to deal with me. Everyone welcomes me at the beginning but later they tell me: had you been different it would have been possible to deal with you but your name is linked to fundamentalists and terrorists. Therefore, my life has become impossible and I am no longer able to move about freely. The Land of the Infidels doesn't seem so bad now, huh? Punk! Okay, I am sorry, But I can't help but gloat here. Ohh, poor Omar Bakri, the man who said that "The life of an unbeliever has no value, it has no sanctity" is having a hard time renting an apartment or having friends, let alone move about freely. Let's all feel bad for him. On a second thought, NO! Suffer BITCH! SUFFER! Ohh, and in case you didn't know, he is not really an extreemist, he is misrepresented in the media is all. That evil evil media. (Q) Let us move to another topic. Why does the Syrian regime want to question you? (A) I have never been in Syria but I never knew that the Syrian regime was looking for me except until it was reported in the press. If this regime wants to interrogate me, this regime can interrogate me through a Lebanese Government. They are welcome. I have no problem with Syria but I love my country and I do not see any reason to go to a neighboring country. Mind you, he is originally syrian. He just also has a Lebanese passport. But when they want to interrogate him, Lebanon is his country and Syria is just its neighbour. (Q) Why do you suppose that the Syrian authorities want to question you and considered you a threat to them? (A) Because the press is looking for "scoops" and therefore, they are just issuing unjust accusations. I am perfectly certain that those who will read this interview tomorrow will say, Sheikh Omar, you are right. Ohh, yes, indeed! Read the whole thing and laugh! It sure made my day!


At 9/04/2005 08:48:00 AM, Blogger ritzy said...

Egypts premier news jockey at your service :-)

Now get that Noor piece done, we're waiting...waiting...!

At 9/04/2005 10:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other Muslim leaders in the West should learn from this fool's mistakes: Don't stir up violence and hatred against the country that took you in.


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