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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More then 370 of Al zarqawi's clan disown him

Al Zarqawi is probably still regretting that Jordan attack till today; after it turned his whole country against him, the attacks have caused his clan members to disown him not once, but twice. The first time it was 60 people, this time it was more than 370 members of his clan. Ouch.. The members of the Bani Hassan tribe published a full-page letter in Jordanian newspapers pronouncing their loyalty to King Abdullah II. The letter bore the stamps and signatures of more than 370 clan members. It was the second attempt to persuade Jordanians that the family has renounced all ties to the man who claimed responsibility for the Nov. 9 triple suicide blasts in Amman hotels that killed 60 people. Three weeks ago, 60 members of al-Zarqawi's al-Khalayleh clan published a similar letter. "We, the sons of the Bani Hassan tribe in all its branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan support and express solidarity with our cousins, the al-Khalayleh clan, and their decision to sever relations with the terrorist Ahmad Fadheel Nazzal al-Khalayleh, who calls himself Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," said Tuesday's letter. "We condemn all terrorist actions carried out or claimed by this individual — actions which are alien to members of this tribe," it said. Gotta feel bad for Zarqawi, just the day before he rebuked the 60 members who sevred ties with him as "enemies of God". His feelings were that hurt. The message came a day after the al-Qaida in Iraq group condemned other family members for disavowing relations with al-Zarqawi. "Either the enemy of God forced you to take this step ... or you agreed and did it voluntarily," the group said in a Web statement. "Enemy of God" was a reference to King Abdullah. "If the first case, then you have an excuse. In the latter case, then you can only make your excuses before God Almighty," said the statement, posted Monday on an Islamic Web forum and signed by al-Qaida in Iraq's spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait to hear your excuses in front of God Almighty Mr. Zarqawi.


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