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Friday, February 10, 2006

Jill Jill Jill

Jill Carroll is back in another video, asking the world to do whatever it takes to release her. Hmm... You see, I was afraid of that. Her kidnapping became so high profile, the response to the last set of demands was so swift and the pressure to get her out safe has intensified so much that instead of pressuring her kidnappers to let her go, it's making them think that they have a golden goose on their hands, and they might continue making more demands and not release her anytime soon. Which brings us to the moral dilemma: To accomodate or to ignore? If we accomodate, the people who kidnapped her may ask for demands that may cause serious damage (like releasing suspected terrorists or asking for large amount of ransom money to fun future kidnappings or whatever), and if we ignore them or decline, she may get slaughterd by them, and the world- in expected moral relativism- will place more blame on those who refused to meet the demands than on those who actually killed her. Either way, people will die and we will lose. Damned if we do and damned if we don't. Damn. For more on Jill, check Natasha's blog. She has a great round-up as usual.


At 2/10/2006 07:21:00 AM, Anonymous J in DC said...

Well, it would be nice to get her back, but it shouldn't be a high priority since the odds are so low and resources must be prioritized. Certainly, her captors are not reliable negotiators so they can't be trusted. She seems a bit prone to Stockholm Syndrome from the start, so that doesn't help much either.

At 2/10/2006 12:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't cave to demands like these becuase rewarding bad behavoir never works. It creates a bigger monster next time. Sorry Jill but you have to know going into a war zone as a westerner is a dangerous thing to do no matter who you are. It doesn't matter your motive or your ideology, you are a westerner, especially an American and the rest doesn't matter. God be with you.

At 2/11/2006 08:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the US forces said the release of female prisoners had nothing to do with Jill case, and that they do not negotiate with terrorists!


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